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Thursday, August 07, 2008

A cat in need

This is a story of love, a kitty and the lengths to which a loving family will go to help their beloved family member, a kitty called Isabel, live a healthy life.

If you think a cut paw, a small bite or a trip to the vets for an injection is scary for you and your pet, think again. What started out as a straightforward operation to remove a 'foreign body' from her turned into a nightmare of blood transfusions (yes pets DO have them), couriers in the middle of the night and nail biting days of stress and worry.

You can read Isabel's story here but wait - read on here for a moment - please........

Her human Carers are seriously in need of help themselves. Want to guess how much the bill was for pulling Isabel, who they dearly love, back from the brink of death? Go on - guess.... OK How does $6.021.24 sound? Yes, that's it $6,021,25. In UK pounds that's 3,086.28, in Indian Rupees 252,711.36 or New Zealand dollars $8,382.17.

They need help, and here's how YOU can reach out the helping hand one of us might need someday.

Make a donation (click through to Isabel's page for the HOW TO and click the Chip-In button. I did.

If you want to get something back for your hard-earned dollar, buy something from the Etsy shops Isabel's Mum and Dad run Art Riot which does art books, notebooks and fun stuff, and Secret Nerd Brigade - which does really useful pocket tissue holders and needle holder books. If you want to commission a special note book; or buy something useful and help a kitty - NOW would be a good time.

If you are broke, or are simply too desperate yourself to be able to part with any money, send an email message of support HERE. Sometimes, when things look bleak, a few friendly words of encouragement and love make a big difference, they can help you get through a bad day and ease the worries that wake you up in the night.

I hope to have a picture of Isabel to put here soon, in the meantime - check out Isabel's story and her page here. She is doing well.


  1. wow!! That is quite the impressive bill. I'm willing to bet that Isabel is worth every cent and I know that your parents are angelic. Most people would NOT have gone through that. We sadly know what most people do when the situation gets expensive.
    Great to know that there are people like you and your parents out there!!

  2. Hi, one of Isabel's moms here and I just wanted to thank you so much for posting her info here! I have been on Etsy for a while and didn't even know about Etsy for Animals. You bet I will be checking it out, now!

    We are so thankful for everyone's kind words & especially for people who have donated or bought from our shops to help out. The support from other animal lovers has been really encouraging :)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Marjorie! Isabel is beautiful - and I would have done the same if she were my cat! It's so nice of her "humans" to do that.


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