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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrating National Shelter Cat Month, here is her adopted kitties' stories;

From Nadya of EFA shop; http://oceloteyes.etsy.com

Stanley - the more-black-than-white kitty in the attached photo - was adopted as a young cat, barely out of kittenhood. "Teenage cat" maybe? He had wandered into the clubhouse of a glider club in Nova Scotia, where my father was actually taking lessons to become a licensed glider pilot. While Dad was gone with his instructor for about an hour's flight, Mom and I were hanging out around the clubhouse when we heard a soft pleading "mew?", and an adorable black and white kitty trotted out from behind the building! We asked the other pilots - he didn't belong to anyone, and had appeared at the clubhouse very hungry about a week before. By the time Dad landed, we almost had the cat de-flea-ified and de-tick-ified by hand. (It was definitely a team effort!) You should have seen Dad's face when we came out to greet him with a freshly brushed and purring ball of fur - "Can we keep him? We'll give him a proper flea bath when we get home..." Dad was outnumbered and couldn't say no :) Of course we took the kitty home with us, and named him Stanley - for the name of the airfield where he was found. Stanley has lived with us for over 10 years now, after I moved to the other side of the world, he stayed with my parents. He's a wonderful kitty, though he never lost his love of the forest, and enjoys being outside as much as cuddling on the couch inside. Fortunately, he never kills any birds or mice - and actually brings them home to my parents alive! (They catch and release the mice.) He's definitely one in a million!

Boris the cat was actually adopted first by Stanley, and then by the family. Stanley befriended the white-and-black cat when he came by our house. (This was after I moved out on my own.) At first he clearly belonged to someone - was well-fed, had a collar. A few months later my parents noticed that he had been visiting more and more often searching for food, and looked thinner, dirtier, and missing his collar. They asked around the neighbouring streets, and found out that his owners had actually moved out a month before and simply left him behind! Fortunately, the cat knew where to go to find friends, and of course, my parents took him in. They named him Boris because he resembles one of my parents' friends, apparently! (The friend finds it flattering!)

While Stanley is independent, Boris is cuddly and loving - and while Stanley is sweet and wise, Boris is younger and full of mischief. Together they make a perfect black-and-white team!

I hope their stories are enjoyable.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Press Release for SOS Thrift

S.O.S Definition..

1.The letters represented by the Morse Code signal · · · - - - · · ·, used as an international distress signal, especially by ships and aircraft. 2. A call or signal for help. 3. Now a call or signal to shop SOS thrift, an online marketplace to help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society clean up the Gulf Oil Spill and efforts to save animals and habitats affected by the oil crisis.

The ocean is crying out for help. I think the distress call is loud and clear. Every year it gets worse, we treat the oceans, the planet worse and worse. While this might be the understatement of the century, we can do something to help. Luckily, someone has heard that call and is doing something positive about it. In her spare time from raising two lovely little girls, Pippi has opened up a weekend thrift store online. Items are being listed (as they come in or as time allows ) and will continue to do so. You can donate or you can shop! Wonderful quality items are there for your perusal,from the handmade world and also some gently used items as well. You get two kinds of shopping in one convenient, online place.

 Please head on over to check it out: www.SOSthrift.blogspot.com

All monies collected, sans shipping is being donated to Sea Shepherd's Gulf Rescue Campaign. See their site here: http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/news-100517-1.html Sea Shepherd is working with the US Gov and others in the campaign to stop and rescue the Gulf area from the BP Oil Spill. They will be securing a third boat and training volunteers in Hazmat work. Cleaning animals they find and rescuing them from the oil spill effects. We are all hopeful they will save many, many lives and do great work. We are all here to lend them our support and stand behind them in pride.

Pippi's enthusiasm has already spread to several of her friends to help donate their time and expertise to getting the message out, and donating and also helping to facilitate the shop as well. One person sure can make a difference, it only takes some action.

Sincerly, Heather Henry
Artist and Photographer

Monday, June 21, 2010

National Shelter Cat Month

In honor of June being National Shelter Cat Month http://www.aspca.org/adoption/adopt-a-shelter-cat-month we are sharing some stories/adorable photos of members' adopted kitties!

From Susan at http://susanneedlehands.etsy.com

I got my cat, Noah, from Kitten Rescue in West Los Angeles through a pet adoption at our local Centinela Pet Store.

Noah is a strapping 18 lb (maybe more?) cream-colored flame point Siamese who loves eating, sleeping, and watching me ride my stationery bicycle. (http://ivy9sdaytoday.blogspot.com/2009/08/noah-and-bike-of-sweat-and-doom.html)

I still remember the day I adopted him, 5-6 years ago.  I asked the volunteers if they had a Siamese who purred, and they put him on my lap and he immediately started purring, so it was a done deal.  Easy.

Just like his personality.  This is the sweetest, most easygoing cat I have ever known.  Which is just perfect, he has to put up with my black cat (possibly part feral) at home.  She swats at him and he just purrs right back at her.  He's so big and sturdy, he doesn't even feel challenged or tormented.  He provides the calm to her feistiness, balancing the energy in the house.

Once, he broke his hip and had to stay at the vet for several days to recover from a surgery.  I almost didn't get to bring him home--the people who worked at the vet's office loved having him there so much, they didn't want him to leave. 

So, there you have it.  My wonder kitteh adopted from Kitten Rescue (although he wasn't a kitten when I got him, he was already a biiiiig boy).



Friday, June 18, 2010

Help needed

Nicole of http://brizel4theanimals.etsy.com had a destructive fire on her property and can use our help.

Due to heavy winds, at 3.30am on Sat. June 12th- my electrical line was ripped off the wellhouse and a wildfire began shortly after. Dingo and I happened to be up at around 4am to see the brush fire in the main compound close to the shed and not far from the van. I quickly got the van out of harms way and loaded up the dogs before calling 911 (could not find Zippy Zip)... I begin to fire fight and successfully put out the flames. In the next half hour i was able to get all the brush fire out in the main compound (i had weedwhacked numerous times so it was pretty low key)- NO STRUCTURE CAUGHT FIRE- every building was spared because the fire snaked around the property in the most miraculous way (i will say more about that in the future). By the time the fire crept up the hill to the back of the fence line towards the water tanks and mountain- i could not get to the last of it- I knew it was time to run and leave. As i turned around the mountain began its flare up. As we left the property we could see the downed electrical line- we were to cross over it safely and waited outside the property for a mere minutes before the first fire truck arrived.

The fire was the first major fire in the area, named Mule Fire (although there was rumour that they would rename it Nicole Fire)- we had over 100 firefighters on the mountain with one helicopter and bulldozer- between 15-20 vehicles on property. I'll say more when i get round to writing and posting on my blog.

We are all safe and Zippy Zip returned later on in the afternoon. Very little was damaged, including garden and trees, although some of the drip irrigation melted. Fencing repairs will be in order and we are without power with the electrical company doing little to make repairs. Some building repairs will need to happen and one of my neighbours will be coming to take a look later this morning. Neighbours are helping... Radzy will be bringing in a generator later today that looks to be a good match for the well pump so all being well i should be able to get started on refilling the water tanks by end of day. In order to restore power- building work and repairs need to take place, a permit and inspection by county and then the electrical company will reconnect. I do not yet know how much this will cost but most of you know that my financial situation is dire at this moment so i hope that by the grace of the gods and the universe that it will happen none the less.

Although a tragic and shocking event- we got the best possible scenerio and everyone has been kind and helpful. Time to get ready for the firefighters... one engine is due in this morning to do a final inspection and to remove the 1000s of feet of water hoses scattered around the mountain.

Pls send us good wishes and prosperity. I will be buying a lotto ticket when i go to town !
Thank God its new moon now,
xox Nicole / Hazel

(p.s: no time to proof read)

List of Financial Needs

DINGO - enough raised 6/20
fecal analysis
Vet appt

building/repairs cost to wellhouse
labour cost for repairs to wellhouse
permit for repairs & inspection
cost of gas to run generators to draw water from well & occasional electricity for fridge, computer, cooler
heavy duty electrical extension cord
cost to reconnect power ??? not sure- this could be major ?
drip irrigation repairs for trees and garden- where melted

still assessing damages to wildlife, land and native trees... pines/oaks/mazanitas
that's all i got for now.
THANKS for any & all help.


BLOG: http://brizelhandcrafts.blogspot.com/
FLiCKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brizelhandcrafts

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EFA and Etsy veg members are raising money to help the animals of the Gulf Coast.

From Heather of http://aktie9.etsy.com

Thank you to Cari of
Loveluca for lending me this lovely photo.

Ever since the BP oil spill happened, I've been spinning my wheels. Wondering what to do to help, I have two kids and it's a full time job, so heading down there to actively participate in the cleanup process isn't going to happen, at least right now. I might get my chance of course, doesn't look like cleanup is going to happen overnight.

When Lisa of Pandawithcookie told the Etsyveg street team her plans. I jumped right up onto the bandwagon and helped myself to the reins. ;)

She posted her donation idea: "***20% of all sales go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary who are preparing to clean and care for animals affected by the horrible oil disaster happening in the Gulf Coast: seabirdsanctuary. ****"

I decided I'd do the same thing & asked around on the other street teams I'm on & the one I help facilitate, if others would like to help too. The response was immediate! People out there are concerned and looking to do something, anything to help out.

Heather from the Thebluewindmill is donating 30% of this item to

Jesse from GingerCardCo is donating 10% from her shop.

My shop is donating 20% of all sales till July 8th to Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Krugsecologic is donating 30% of sales till July 8th also to Suncoast.

Heather's shop Anthropomorphisis is doing 10% donation from her gemstone jewelery.

Pippi's shop is donating ALL proceeds to Sea Shepherd. She has also opened up an a Online Thrift Store that is donating proceeds as well to Sea Shepherd.

is also helping out. By donating 20% of our sales to the National Wildlife Federation's Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.

Athena said:
I will donate 30% of the sale of this frame to the relief effort.

Jade said: I'll happily donate 20% of sales from my shop, Mumbot.

Kimba of KimbasCritters said:

I would love to help out here! I will gladly donate 20% of any items sold till July 8th to the Sanctuary.

15% of all sales from SmileBernice through July 11th will go to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Maggie from M's Knits and Things is also joining us till the 8th with 20% of her sales.

Yvonne from Karramandi, Collarmegorgeous, kakirra, and Juniperjournals has also stepped up to donate 20% from any of her shops to the Seacoast Sanctuary.

Lucy of luniquejewellery is also donating 20% of her sales, check her etsy shop for more information.

This shop here has also joined us. From June 3 through June 20, 20% of every sale in my Etsy shop will go to the National Audubon Society to aid in the Gulf oil spill cleanup.

This shop here also joined us, she is donating 10% of her sales to support the Gulf oil spill disaster cause with Defenders of Wildlife.

I will edit this page as time goes on & others join forces. Please check individual shop announcements for end dates on this sale. This shop on Etsy has been dedicated to selling items to help the Gulf Coast also.

Thanks for checking this out & helping! Heather :)

Some of the teams involved are: The Vegan Etsy Team. Check their blog here. The EFA team, their blog is here and also the Etsyveg street team here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homes needed or transport

By http://recy.etsy.com

Homes needed or transport for Buster Brown from Mississippi to NYC for 2 beautiful dogs near Corinth, Mississippi;

I was at a work reception on May 12 when my coworker came in and was very distraught. She said she had seen a mamma dog and her pup in the median on one of the two major highways here in my town (it is a state interstate and very busy). They were trying to get across and my coworker was worried for them but didn't have anything to do with them so she left them. I told her to go back and get them and I would do something with them. So, she did. Her daughter-in-law had already gone over and gotten them in her van.

While at the reception, several people around heard what was going on and a donation was started for the dogs' baths. I had $40 in-hand by the time I left.

I couldn't take them to my house because I live in town and my backyard isn't fenced in. However, I knew immediately that I could take them to my parents' house. They live on 85 acres, have a nice big dogpen and are amazingly awesome. I called my Mom and she immediately said YES, to bring them out. So, I took them to the vet to be bathed and have a flea/tick treatment as they were INFESTED with fleas and ticks, poor dears. They were left at the vet and I finished out my day at work. I called the vet's office at some point that day and was told that they needed shots, additional flea/tick treatments, etc. The total vetting bill would be over $150! I can't afford that tremendously well but someone had to take responsibility for their care so I told them to do what needed to be done.

I picked them up and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with them. They are adorable and their lives are so worth the $157 I spent on their care. They are full of happiness, smiles, joy, cuddles, energy, everything GOOD that this world needs.

That was a week and a half ago. I've given the Mother a full round of antibiotics to ward off a tick disease. The pup had his wormer and is fine and dandy now. Healthy as an ox and cute as a button! I'm in the process of looking for him a home. A fellow Etsian in NYC wants the pup badly but I don't know how to get him there and dread the ride for him. I'm TRYING to find a home for him around here.

The mamma dog tested positive for heartworms so I'm going to have that treated before I find her a home. I would love for her to live at my parents' house but she loves to chase the cats and that isn't a good thing at their house. She is beautiful and so so sweet so hopefully she will find a good home when her treatment is over.

They are both such amazing dogs - beautiful and happy and loving; I can't imagine how they got to the median of the highway like they were. Poor dears. But, they are safe, happy, fed and loved now so that is good.

All well wishes for these two are appreciated! Thanks!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

May Challenge Treasury

May Challenge Treasury, Nest Babies, curated by our Challenge Leader, http://lolalynn.etsy.com
Thank you to all for participating with your beautiful creations!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Charity of the Month

The June Charity of the Month is Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary, chosen by Heather of http://desertsunsetdesign.etsy.com

It is a true pleasure to be a volunteer at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary in Scottsdale, AZ. We are celebrating our very first anniversary in June and are thrilled to have made so much progress in such little time! This could not be possible without donations and the time and love that gracious volunteers have given to this wonderful sanctuary. There are currently over 30 house rabbits that call TTAS home and they have come from many different situations, some very shocking, and once they arrive, they just blossom! Over and over, we have watched rabbits previously labeled 'aggressive' become sweet, happy bunnies with the care and individual attention they receive. Each bunny has a very distinct personality and we respect that at the sanctuary. The founders of TTAS have created a model sanctuary on proper care and housing of a house rabbit. You need only watch a formerly shy, timid bunny curl up with you on the couch there to know, yes, this is how a rescue should be. This is love.

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