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Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrating National Shelter Cat Month, here is her adopted kitties' stories;

From Nadya of EFA shop; http://oceloteyes.etsy.com

Stanley - the more-black-than-white kitty in the attached photo - was adopted as a young cat, barely out of kittenhood. "Teenage cat" maybe? He had wandered into the clubhouse of a glider club in Nova Scotia, where my father was actually taking lessons to become a licensed glider pilot. While Dad was gone with his instructor for about an hour's flight, Mom and I were hanging out around the clubhouse when we heard a soft pleading "mew?", and an adorable black and white kitty trotted out from behind the building! We asked the other pilots - he didn't belong to anyone, and had appeared at the clubhouse very hungry about a week before. By the time Dad landed, we almost had the cat de-flea-ified and de-tick-ified by hand. (It was definitely a team effort!) You should have seen Dad's face when we came out to greet him with a freshly brushed and purring ball of fur - "Can we keep him? We'll give him a proper flea bath when we get home..." Dad was outnumbered and couldn't say no :) Of course we took the kitty home with us, and named him Stanley - for the name of the airfield where he was found. Stanley has lived with us for over 10 years now, after I moved to the other side of the world, he stayed with my parents. He's a wonderful kitty, though he never lost his love of the forest, and enjoys being outside as much as cuddling on the couch inside. Fortunately, he never kills any birds or mice - and actually brings them home to my parents alive! (They catch and release the mice.) He's definitely one in a million!

Boris the cat was actually adopted first by Stanley, and then by the family. Stanley befriended the white-and-black cat when he came by our house. (This was after I moved out on my own.) At first he clearly belonged to someone - was well-fed, had a collar. A few months later my parents noticed that he had been visiting more and more often searching for food, and looked thinner, dirtier, and missing his collar. They asked around the neighbouring streets, and found out that his owners had actually moved out a month before and simply left him behind! Fortunately, the cat knew where to go to find friends, and of course, my parents took him in. They named him Boris because he resembles one of my parents' friends, apparently! (The friend finds it flattering!)

While Stanley is independent, Boris is cuddly and loving - and while Stanley is sweet and wise, Boris is younger and full of mischief. Together they make a perfect black-and-white team!

I hope their stories are enjoyable.


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  1. I must have missed this post earlier - sorry to be so late in commenting! Stanley and Boris are absolutely adorable (I particularly love the last photo of them!) Thanks so much to you and your parents for rescuing them.


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