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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homes needed or transport

By http://recy.etsy.com

Homes needed or transport for Buster Brown from Mississippi to NYC for 2 beautiful dogs near Corinth, Mississippi;

I was at a work reception on May 12 when my coworker came in and was very distraught. She said she had seen a mamma dog and her pup in the median on one of the two major highways here in my town (it is a state interstate and very busy). They were trying to get across and my coworker was worried for them but didn't have anything to do with them so she left them. I told her to go back and get them and I would do something with them. So, she did. Her daughter-in-law had already gone over and gotten them in her van.

While at the reception, several people around heard what was going on and a donation was started for the dogs' baths. I had $40 in-hand by the time I left.

I couldn't take them to my house because I live in town and my backyard isn't fenced in. However, I knew immediately that I could take them to my parents' house. They live on 85 acres, have a nice big dogpen and are amazingly awesome. I called my Mom and she immediately said YES, to bring them out. So, I took them to the vet to be bathed and have a flea/tick treatment as they were INFESTED with fleas and ticks, poor dears. They were left at the vet and I finished out my day at work. I called the vet's office at some point that day and was told that they needed shots, additional flea/tick treatments, etc. The total vetting bill would be over $150! I can't afford that tremendously well but someone had to take responsibility for their care so I told them to do what needed to be done.

I picked them up and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with them. They are adorable and their lives are so worth the $157 I spent on their care. They are full of happiness, smiles, joy, cuddles, energy, everything GOOD that this world needs.

That was a week and a half ago. I've given the Mother a full round of antibiotics to ward off a tick disease. The pup had his wormer and is fine and dandy now. Healthy as an ox and cute as a button! I'm in the process of looking for him a home. A fellow Etsian in NYC wants the pup badly but I don't know how to get him there and dread the ride for him. I'm TRYING to find a home for him around here.

The mamma dog tested positive for heartworms so I'm going to have that treated before I find her a home. I would love for her to live at my parents' house but she loves to chase the cats and that isn't a good thing at their house. She is beautiful and so so sweet so hopefully she will find a good home when her treatment is over.

They are both such amazing dogs - beautiful and happy and loving; I can't imagine how they got to the median of the highway like they were. Poor dears. But, they are safe, happy, fed and loved now so that is good.

All well wishes for these two are appreciated! Thanks!


  1. What a beautiful thing you did for those dogs. Thanks for having compassion for them.

  2. I live in a community just South of Birmingham, AL. I would be willing and able to do a leg of a journey, if you could find enough people to form a chain to NYC! I could feasibly go as far as Atlanta with them (I really wish I could do more than that, but my work schedule is terrible and that's probably as far as I could make it round trip before I go in at 3). If you are interested and can set something up, please let me know! My name is Lisa and my email is LMCarden@gmail.com

  3. Yes, thank you Recy for being a guardian angel to these 2 doggies!

  4. that is so sweet and very precious of you!!!!!

  5. You are an angel! What a godsend you were to these two sweeties!


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