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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Support and Help our Sept COTM: Grey2K

Presentation by Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals
EFA's Team Captain & COTM Leader

As September draws near to its end... we can reflect with pride on the choice Team EFA made in supporting Grey2K as our COTM recipient this month. 

It certainly has been an eventful month and we were tested in our strength and resolve to stand our ground and defend such a worthy organization. We can now all personally understand what it means to withstand the unpleasant pressures imposed on us by pro-racing adversaries, knowing full well that those who work and volunteer for Grey2K face these sorts of insults and threats on a daily basis.

In reciprocation, Grey2K recognized Etsy for Animals' efforts and with gratitude published a heartfelt post on their blog, Saving Greysthanking EFA for our support- see Artists Speak up for GreyHounds.

It is my hope that members of Team EFA, as well as our followers, will have learned a few important reasons as to why greyhound racing tracks need to be shut down... with that in mind... here is an interview which took place this summer between Fido Friendly and Grey2K's president, Christine Dorchak (reproduced here in full with their permission)...

How to Support & Help
Eliminate Greyhound Racing

"FIDO FRIENDLY » What is the mission of GREY2KUSA?

CHRISTINE DORCHAK » GREY2KUSA is a non- profit organization and we work to pass laws to protect Greyhounds and what that means is we are working to end dog racing in the United States and we have a goal of expanding our efforts worldwide. We’ve managed to close 26 tracks in the United States. There were once 15 states for dog racing; there are now just seven.

FF » What do the dogs experience on race day? 

CD » One thing I would like to point out to anyone who has never been to a dog track is that a dog race is just about 30 seconds long. So those that try to promote dog racing will always say, ‘wait, they love to run.’ Well sure, if I were kept in a cage 22 hours a day on average and they let me out, I betcha I’d run too. They happen to be one of the fastest animals on earth; Greyhounds can run it’s estimated at 45 mph. But because they are such wonderful animals, and because they do love to run, it’s very cruel what this dog racing industry does to them. They are kept confined in stacked cages inside warehouses for most of the day. A few times a month they are let out to race. They get that 30 seconds of a race and then get put right back in the cage again. This is just no way to treat any dog especially a Greyhound who does love to run.

FF » You have had such great success at shedding light on such inhumane treatment, what’s involved in shutting down these tracks?

CD » Volunteers are really the heart and soul of the organization. Ending dog racing is what we need to do because as long as Greyhound racing continues, Greyhounds will suffer. Our job as activists is to become politically active, understand the law, understand the process, and if there is an opportunity to bring a prohibition on dog racing to the citizens for a vote which is possible in several states, that’s one way to do it. Another way to do it is actually to go before lawmakers and ask them to ban the dog racing. So we actually use both tactics. There are many ways to bring an end to dog racing through the process but activists have to learn that process in order to fight for the Greyhounds most effectively. That’s the reason that I went to law school because I wanted to learn more so I could do more.

FF » What motivates you?

CD » My Greyhound Zoë motivates me each day to keep working for her fellow Greyhounds and I believe that this is a campaign that we can win and one day, all Greyhounds will just be beloved hounds once more.


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

ANiMAL PETiTiONS CORNER by Alicia of WoodsEdge

Presented by Alicia of WoodsEdge

1. Help Keep Dog Racing Out of India

Despite numerous steps to protect animals from banning animal testing for cosmetics to standing against dolphins in captivity, plans are in the works to bring greyhound racing to India. Now numerous animal advocacy organizations are speaking up for greyhounds to ensure this "sport" doesn't start there. 

Please sign the petition urging officials in India not to take a step backwards when it comes to animal welfare by ensuring that greyhound racing is never allowed. 


Timbo & Dooby 
Photo by Jane Jones, copyright 2013
rescued retired ex-racing Greyhounds

2. Tell Racing States To Protect Greyhounds from Cruelty

Since 2001, 26 greyhound racing tracks have shut down in the U.S. However, there are still seven states that continue to support this inhumane industry. 

Please sign the petition urging the governors of the last racing states to end to bring it to an end once and for all. 


Carlos & Maisie 
Photo by Jane Jones, copyright 2013
rescued retired ex-racing Greyhounds
3. We hope you got to see last week's special edition of Animal Petitions Corner with three distinct Greyhound protection petitions... if not- be sure to visit that post after reading this one.

Dennis, one of Jane's fur kids, thanks you for helping the Greyhounds !


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iN Memory of Sky... EFA member & co-creator of TheAnimalsMagicShop

Greetings Animal Lovers! 
I'm Sky, a 13 year old male Siberian husky.

I'm just a little speck in the universe, 
but I know even the smallest of us 
can make a big difference!

"Do you know that all animals are magical and can help you and teach you things? It's true!! That's our purpose in life and our greatest wish. But sadly, many animals can't realize their dreams because they're endangered, sick, hungry, homeless, or abused."

"Ever since I was a young pup and my person told me I was special and magical, I've wanted to be more than "just a dog". From leading a sled dog team to training puppies, competing with my brother for a certain lady dog, (I lost on that one, darn!), overcoming a serious illness, helping my person to blog, sell on Etsy, raise money for animal charities, and communicate with animals, well... I think I've accomplished a lot in 13 years, don't you?"

In August of 2009, Karen-Lisa of TheFaerieCupboard opened TheAnimalsMagicShop at Sky's request. Their primary goal was to fund raise for animal charity as well as assist the growing needs of a 12 Siberian husky pack at home.

"My shop is ALL about animals... says Sky... and my person has given me permission to pick whatever I think you'd like from her ~secret stash~ so I'll be showing you some good stuff! 10% of our sales, will be donated to Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue, and another 10% will be donated to the Etsy For Animals Charity of the Month. We also donate to other animal causes as needs arise."

"Don't forget, even if you can't afford to buy anything, there are many other ways to help animals. Love costs nothing - you can always give love! Thank you for whatever you can do! Sky"

In 2010 when Sky was interviewed by an animal communicator, he had some very meaningful personal reflections to share. When asked...

"If you could be a human for a day, would you want to? Yes, but only if I could change back to a dog. I like being a dog very much.

And if you were a human for a day, what would you do? I would go someplace where everyone could hear me and talk about animals.

What would you say about animals? I would tell people how much more there is to animals than they would ever guess... ...We are your guides. I guess that's a joke in a lot of ways now.  We aren't treated as important by many people. We're just dumb things and people can do what they want to us. Because we can't talk as humans do. That's our handicap. But that's the way it's supposed to be.

So all the animals are working together to help people? Yes.

and you work with other animals? Yes, with other animals. I'm like the magic animal you used to read about in fairy tales. Of course, all animals are magical. But each can choose their own level of involvement according to their personalities and what they prefer.

And what it is you most want to help us with? To practice love.

To practice love of animals? To practice love on every single thing that you do, see, and meet.

Why? Because you aren't good at it. People aren't good at it. You forgot.

But there are many things that are difficult to love ! When you get up, love yourself and the day. Love what you do before your day begins. Love what you see. Love the experience. It's yours - you can love it or not. If you love it, then it will change. You can change everything around you by loving it.

So animals want people to know that love is a very important thing? Yes, that love is the ONLY important thing."

Although I've never had a guru in my life... if i'd ever want to have one... it would be Sky. He is just so right on !


On September 14th, the Boreas pack had to give their fond farewells to Sky. We had been given a week's notice to 'prepare' for his departure and although it had been a difficult week for many of us who knew it in advance - it was a good week... for each day Sky was able to do something he loved.

Before Sky left, one of his departing requests was to honor his memory by keeping his shop 'alive and well'. His Etsy profile now reads: "I've begun a new journey, on the other side of Rainbow Bridge and my person has promised to honor my memory by keeping this shop, which we created together, alive and well. It's not over for me yet though. I'll never stop................... dreaming and trying to be more. As far as I'm concerned, the sky's the limit and I'm enjoying every minute of the trip!"

His person and shop partner, Karen-Lisa, said: "It's impossible to sum up Sky's life and how we felt about him, but if I had to choose only one word, it would be "Love"."

Heartfelt condolences 
go out to Sky's family
he is survived by his people:
Karen-Lisa & Richie
and his pack:
K.C, Hamm, Sam, Shiloh,
Mick, DanJim, Gazelle, 
Bella, Sundance,
and Diamond

Feature put together by Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals
Photos of Sky by Karen Lisa Daley of TheAnimalsMagicShop
In Loving Memory stone by Dan of MountainArtCasting

Thursday, September 19, 2013

ANiMAL PETiTiONS CORNER by Alicia of WoodsEdge

Presented by Alicia of WoodsEdge

1. Help Shut Down Greyhound Racing in Macau

Australia is currently home to the third largest greyhound racing industry in the world, with an estimated 20,000 pups bred every year. Unfortunately the ones who don't make the grade are discarded and killed, or shipped to Macau, China, where they'll spend their lives in tiny cages at the Canidrome race track when they're not running for their lives. Without an adoption program in place, death for these dogs is imminent whether or not they win or lose. 

Please send a letter to Macau's Chief Executive asking him to shut down Canindrome. 


ex-racing retired greyhound
Photo copyrighted by Jane Jones

2. Tell the UK to Ban Greyhound Racing

Despite hardships faced by this dying industry, tens of thousands of greyhounds continue to be bred for racing. Thousands are believed to be killed before they ever make it to the track, while others are abandoned or killed after they're no longer useful. 

Please sign the petition asking the government to stop this cycle of abuse and shut this industry down for good.  

UK Residents: https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/39260/signature/new

Global: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/667/514/131/tell-the-uk-government-ban-greyhound-racing/

ex racing retired Greyhound
photo copyrighted by jane Jones

3. Help Stop Hare Coursing in Ireland

Every year thousands of hares are taken from the wild and used as lures for greyhounds in a brutal "sport" known as hare coursing. Aside from cruelly being subjected to unnecessary terror, rabbits are often injured and killed during these events – even when dogs are muzzled. Rabbits shouldn't have to endure these events and greyhounds shouldn't be used as a tool to perpetuate animal cruelty for entertainment. 

This practice has already been banned in a few places including the UK and Northern Ireland, but still continues. 

Please sign these petitions supporting a ban on hare coursing. 



Please sign the petition asking the Limerick Racecourse to stop hosting hare coursing: 


Dennis and Cali
ex-racing retired greyhounds
Photo copyrighted by Jane Jones

A New Life for Greyhounds
Supporting Grey2k our COTM for September

Please speak up for greyhounds who are being used and discarded by the racing industry so they can have a second chance to live the lives they should have had all along. Hopefully, with enough voices advocating for them, they'll get a chance to exist free from exploitation.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ANiMAL MUNDi returns with Happy World Rhino Day !

by Corinna of TheFrogBag
Photos courtesy of The International Rhino Foundation

Happy World Rhino Day!

World Rhino Day happens every September 22, but this year is something special. 

With the tagline “5 Rhino Species Forever” the aim is to draw attention to the fact that rhinos are under siege everywhere they live, but with public support we can keep them around for a lot longer. 

Sound easy? It’s not. 

A subspecies of black rhinoceros was recently declared extinct. Javan rhinos are among the rarest animals in the world, numbering no more than 50 individuals. Sumatran rhinos aren’t far behind, with only about 200 individuals surviving today. That’s less than the number of people it takes to fill up a commercial airplane. 

What’s a concerned citizen to do? Well, the organizers of World Rhino Day believe that getting the word out is a good place to start. Many people have no idea that rhinos have it so tough. So go ahead, pepper your conversation with some rhino facts this weekend. 

Here are five to get you started:

ONE: Rhino horn is made of keratin, the same basic stuff that makes up human hair and fingernails. The idea that there could be anything medicinally valuable in it is bunk. If rhino horn could cure fevers, gout, rheumatism, snakebite, or any of the host of other things it’s prescribed for in Traditional Chinese Medicine, boiling up a pot of fingernail clippings would work just as well. And yet poaching to supply this market remains one of the biggest threats all five species of rhino face. 

TWO: Rhinos have walked the earth for about 50 million years. Of course, many species were much woolier during the last ice age. 

THREE: Rhino mothers are quite devoted to their young and sometimes stay with them until they are three years old. 

FOUR: A lot of people think of rhinos, hippos, and elephants as belonging to the same general group, but in reality the rhinoceros is much more closely related to horses, tapirs, and zebras.

FIVE: A group of rhinos is called a “crash.”

So don’t forget to wish everyone you meet... 

a happy World Rhino Day on September 22! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advocating for Greyhounds and Supporting September's COTM: Grey2K

Nominated by Veronica of ScrappyRat
and supported by Jane of TheDogHouse

Advocating for Greyhounds
a note from EFA's Captain & COTM Leader 
Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals

We've had a very busy month so far with our Charity of the Month: Grey2K... busy because Team EFA's nomination and support of this organization drew in some ardent objections from pro-racing groups and individuals... whom for some reason felt that it was appropriate to flood EFA's Facebook fan page with rude comments as well as spam our membership's convo system on Etsy at our shop sites.

It was a planned out scheme by groups such as Grey2kLies, who's sole purpose is to bad mouth and discredit Grey2K's efforts to end greyhound racing... as well as a 'pro-racing supporting machine' such as the American Greyhound Council who felt justified in calling Team EFA 'clueless' for supporting Grey2K's greyhound advocacy work. Thanks to Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals who took the time to write to AGC to enlighten them about our purpose and cause.

I would like to thank Team EFA's membership for supporting and trusting our Team's leadership with our choice of COTM this month and for working together to stand strong and proud of Grey2K, an organization which is working hard to successfully end this form of animal abuse around the world. If you did not get a chance to read Jane's article: GreyHound Racing Dispelling the Myths... its an excellent primer on the topic and has received close to 1000 views to date ! 

EFA would also like to thank Grey2K for promoting our Team's efforts & supporting our COTM program... here is a lovely mention of that in their eletter: Race Bikes, Not Greyhounds. Also G2k produced a sweet EFA/Etsy graphic for their website (see below with the links) linking it to our cotm team tagged Etsy items. 

And so for today... I will leave you with another TheDogHouse production... a beautiful memorial video presentation on YouTube called "Remembering Max", about an ex-racing retired greyhound who became Max, their beloved pet companion... 

September's COTM

ViSiT their WEBSiTE
make a DONATiON

- click HERE -
for products that benefit
Charity of the Month !

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animal Petitions Corner by Alicia of Woodsedge

Presented by Alicia of WoodsEdge

1. Tell Alabama Not to End Rehab for Certain Species

Alabama's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources notified rehabilitation facilities and individual rehabilitators that it would no longer be issuing permits for foxes, skunks, bats, coyotes, opossums, raccoons or wild pigs. The agency is instructing people who find injured and orphaned wild animals of these species to take them somewhere to have them immediately euthanized and has instructed rehabbers to turn people away, or take animals in and destroy them. 

Please sign and share the petition telling the department not to criminalize compassion and overturn this decision immediately. 

2. Be One of the 60,600 Who Stand Up for Orangutans

The Rainforest Action Network is going after the 20 biggest companies that are responsible for putting Conflict Palm Oil in our food with its new Snack Food 20 Campaign. According to the organization, only 60,600 orangutans are left in the wilds of Sumatra and Borneo who continue to be threatened by  rainforest destruction due to the rising demand for palm oil. RAN is now trying to get 60,600 humans to stand up for them. 

Please send a letter to these companies asking them to ensure that they are sourcing palm oil from responsible producers who don't contribute to deforestation. 

3. Help Endangered Albatrosses 

According to the National Audubon Society, of the 22 species of albatrosses, 19 are threatened with extinction and more than half of the petrel species are endangered. Unfortunately, they continue to face threats posed by fishing lines, which they can become tangled in. 

Please sign the petition asking the U.S. Senate to support legislation that will implement measures to help save these birds. 

1-2-3 ACTiONS 

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