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Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Support and Help our Sept COTM: Grey2K

Presentation by Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals
EFA's Team Captain & COTM Leader

As September draws near to its end... we can reflect with pride on the choice Team EFA made in supporting Grey2K as our COTM recipient this month. 

It certainly has been an eventful month and we were tested in our strength and resolve to stand our ground and defend such a worthy organization. We can now all personally understand what it means to withstand the unpleasant pressures imposed on us by pro-racing adversaries, knowing full well that those who work and volunteer for Grey2K face these sorts of insults and threats on a daily basis.

In reciprocation, Grey2K recognized Etsy for Animals' efforts and with gratitude published a heartfelt post on their blog, Saving Greysthanking EFA for our support- see Artists Speak up for GreyHounds.

It is my hope that members of Team EFA, as well as our followers, will have learned a few important reasons as to why greyhound racing tracks need to be shut down... with that in mind... here is an interview which took place this summer between Fido Friendly and Grey2K's president, Christine Dorchak (reproduced here in full with their permission)...

How to Support & Help
Eliminate Greyhound Racing

"FIDO FRIENDLY » What is the mission of GREY2KUSA?

CHRISTINE DORCHAK » GREY2KUSA is a non- profit organization and we work to pass laws to protect Greyhounds and what that means is we are working to end dog racing in the United States and we have a goal of expanding our efforts worldwide. We’ve managed to close 26 tracks in the United States. There were once 15 states for dog racing; there are now just seven.

FF » What do the dogs experience on race day? 

CD » One thing I would like to point out to anyone who has never been to a dog track is that a dog race is just about 30 seconds long. So those that try to promote dog racing will always say, ‘wait, they love to run.’ Well sure, if I were kept in a cage 22 hours a day on average and they let me out, I betcha I’d run too. They happen to be one of the fastest animals on earth; Greyhounds can run it’s estimated at 45 mph. But because they are such wonderful animals, and because they do love to run, it’s very cruel what this dog racing industry does to them. They are kept confined in stacked cages inside warehouses for most of the day. A few times a month they are let out to race. They get that 30 seconds of a race and then get put right back in the cage again. This is just no way to treat any dog especially a Greyhound who does love to run.

FF » You have had such great success at shedding light on such inhumane treatment, what’s involved in shutting down these tracks?

CD » Volunteers are really the heart and soul of the organization. Ending dog racing is what we need to do because as long as Greyhound racing continues, Greyhounds will suffer. Our job as activists is to become politically active, understand the law, understand the process, and if there is an opportunity to bring a prohibition on dog racing to the citizens for a vote which is possible in several states, that’s one way to do it. Another way to do it is actually to go before lawmakers and ask them to ban the dog racing. So we actually use both tactics. There are many ways to bring an end to dog racing through the process but activists have to learn that process in order to fight for the Greyhounds most effectively. That’s the reason that I went to law school because I wanted to learn more so I could do more.

FF » What motivates you?

CD » My Greyhound Zoë motivates me each day to keep working for her fellow Greyhounds and I believe that this is a campaign that we can win and one day, all Greyhounds will just be beloved hounds once more.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the interview here, and thanks to Grey2K for working so hard, with such dedication and knowledge, to end this cruel money-making sport and to help us all focus on a better life for all greyhounds.


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