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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Advocating for Greyhounds and Supporting September's COTM: Grey2K

Nominated by Veronica of ScrappyRat
and supported by Jane of TheDogHouse

Advocating for Greyhounds
a note from EFA's Captain & COTM Leader 
Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals

We've had a very busy month so far with our Charity of the Month: Grey2K... busy because Team EFA's nomination and support of this organization drew in some ardent objections from pro-racing groups and individuals... whom for some reason felt that it was appropriate to flood EFA's Facebook fan page with rude comments as well as spam our membership's convo system on Etsy at our shop sites.

It was a planned out scheme by groups such as Grey2kLies, who's sole purpose is to bad mouth and discredit Grey2K's efforts to end greyhound racing... as well as a 'pro-racing supporting machine' such as the American Greyhound Council who felt justified in calling Team EFA 'clueless' for supporting Grey2K's greyhound advocacy work. Thanks to Rebecca of KneeDeepOriginals who took the time to write to AGC to enlighten them about our purpose and cause.

I would like to thank Team EFA's membership for supporting and trusting our Team's leadership with our choice of COTM this month and for working together to stand strong and proud of Grey2K, an organization which is working hard to successfully end this form of animal abuse around the world. If you did not get a chance to read Jane's article: GreyHound Racing Dispelling the Myths... its an excellent primer on the topic and has received close to 1000 views to date ! 

EFA would also like to thank Grey2K for promoting our Team's efforts & supporting our COTM program... here is a lovely mention of that in their eletter: Race Bikes, Not Greyhounds. Also G2k produced a sweet EFA/Etsy graphic for their website (see below with the links) linking it to our cotm team tagged Etsy items. 

And so for today... I will leave you with another TheDogHouse production... a beautiful memorial video presentation on YouTube called "Remembering Max", about an ex-racing retired greyhound who became Max, their beloved pet companion... 

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  1. Well said Nicole. I feel very proud to be part of a team who stands up to the bullies & for what they believe in. Thanks for sharing my video of Max - I still can't watch it without welling up - he was my soul mate, my introduction to the world of greyhounds & the reason why I feel so strongly that we need to change things for these dogs.

    1. I still cry watching it as well - he was so very special, Jane.

  2. It's amusing that the American Greyhound Council (a group protecting the interests of the racing industry) would call us "clueless" when I find that the members of our team are very much clued-in to the exploitation and objectification of dogs used and dumped as disposable byproducts of the racing industry. It's our knowledge and understanding leads us to support Grey2K, who works so hard to put an end to this so-called "sport".

  3. What a beautiful boy Max is, and what a lovely tribute video. It's a tough job being "the little guy" and standing up for what you believe in (the horse industry is very much the same).
    Just remember it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil; so squeak on Grey2K! ;o)


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