EFA: Etsy For Animals Etsy For Animals: December 2007

Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Q: When is a pig not a pig?

A: When it's a pug!

Hope your holidays where wonderful.
Here are a few things to start your New Year out right!

This little piggie....

Flower Smeller Print by artchiz is an adorable art print from an original oil from Stephanie Chisholm of artchiz.

The image is 8" x 10" on 8-1/2" x 11" and is centered on the paper leaving a white border for framing. Printed on 100% cotton, high quality archival Ultra Premium Semi-Gloss Professional Photo Paper, free of acid and optical brightener, neutral Ph.

Print will be signed and dated on the front.

Thank you Stephanie!

Next, we have a little puggie! (or two)

Sharonfosterart and Portlypug have donated these wonderful items. A limited edition print of a Pug wearing a flowered hat inspired by portlypug. Art is signed and dated on the back. The print is a 5 X 7 but the image is only 4 inches by 4 inches. I made it this size so you could easily find a frame.

And also available in a limited edition ACEO print.
Measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size.

Whatever the size, this is a unique and marvelous pug!
Sharon of http://www.sharonfosterart.etsy.com/ is the artist. Inspiration and photo for painting from http://www.portlypug.etsy.com/.

Next we have a postcard sampler from Glittergirlgalleries.

You will receive one of each:

Ostap and Pig: B&W photograph of a Ukrainian man and his pig emerging from a shed.
Myrka: B&W photograph of a Ukrainian village cat sitting on the edge of a bench.
Romchyk: B&W photograph of a young Ukrainian boy with a flower wreath.
Solonkan chicken: a color photograph of a Ukrainian chicken

Be sure to stop by Glittergirlgalleries and see all her photographic and mixed media items.

One piggy for you and one to share!

Loveinvintage has donated these cute Piggy Sakura gift tags.
You will receive a pair of tags with matching pink ribbon. Loveinvintage can also print a custom stamp on these gift tags.

And finally we have Pug Mosaic Snack Feeder by ethelcat. This is an iconic pop-art style mosaic feeder that is sure to please. Glazed ceramic tiles and contrasting black high grade epoxy grout that is easy to clean.

The two stainless steel bowls carry a half pint each of your pet's favorite food, and can be removed for clean up. Weighing in at 20 lbs, it won't travel across the floor as quickly as a stand alone bowl. It is 13" wide, 22" high and 7.5" deep.

Stop by ethelcat's shop for more animal inspired pieces.

These items and dozens more are available at the etsyforanimals shop. Be sure to add us to your favorites!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Have You Hugged Your Vegan Today?

On sale at the Etsyforanimals shop are these awesome items donated by various etsy artisans.

There is quite an array of beautiful gifts you won't find anywhere else! Here are a few, some Vegan, Some All Natural, some Eco-Friendly but ALL Unique:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words....You be the judge!
This item was donated to the etsyforanimals shop by asacco9642. You will receive 1 dozen outrageous vegan chocolate chip cookies that are all vegan (no dairy, no eggs, no animal products of any kind).


Next we have this sweet and beautiful photograph by photographer Maria Lewis. Father and Son from the Series Cows Have Families Too.

This is an original 8 X 10 photograph of two Bulls taken in the winter with snow on the ground, they are father and son Dutch Belted Cows.

You may contact MariaLewis directly for product information by convoing her at marialewis.etsy.com . All other inquiries should be directed toetsyforanimals by convo or by email at etsyforanimals@tantalizingstitches.com .

And this little button tells it like it is!

1 inch I Heart Vegans Pin by teenytinytantrums. Show your support by wearing and giving this cute white pin that says I heart vegans in black lettering, with a red heart. A unique way to show your vegan love! Put one on your bag, your coat, anywhere. These buttons are a great way for other vegans to recognize you and connect.

Finally, thisisit has donated these eco-friendly, soft covered journals.

The Dog Ecofriendly Journal:

A great gift for the dog lover!

And the Cat Journal:
A fun cat drawing appears on the front cover along with some wooden beads.

These are 6x6 softcover journals made from eco-friendly Nepalese lokta paper and contain 20 inside textured sheets to write or draw on!

All of our journals are wrapped in resealable plastic sleeves.

Here is a little about this unique etsyian:

This Is It! Creations makes and sells unique handmade gifts, including jewelry and environmentally friendly photo albums, journals, sketchbooks, and greeting cards. Our products are designed to help you reflect, appreciate each moment, and remember what’s important in life: peace, love, beauty, and fun! Our motto, “freedom from the ordinary ~ freedom for the animals,” applies to our creations and to our lives. To make a difference while doing something we love, we currently donate 5% of profits to animal welfare groups. As our business grows, the percentage will also grow.

We thank all those that have donated to etsy for animals and urge you to stop by the shop to see more unique and thoughtful creations!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

When Its Cold Outside Treasury

Midnightrabbits was fortunate enough to get a treasury, which she named When Its Cold Outside, and included several items from the EFA store. The EFA store featured items include the Black and White Sock Cat by jewelsbydesign, Shades of Brown Scarf by blackcatboutique, LUVVY the Cuddly Elephant by makeamemory, the Cozy Cat Handmade Winter Scarf Autumn Leaves by cozycat, , the Extra Long Crochet Handmade Multi Color Winter Scarf by cozycat, and the March For Peace Onesie by allycatbaby.

Great Goodies of Goodness Treasury

mycatlulu: store spotlight

Mycatlulu has donated several of her Gocco Rudolph Animal Cards to the EFA store.

Here is a little information about the store and artist.

Artist: Becca Souza Alley
Shop: mycatlulu.etsy.com
Make handmade gocco greeting cards, invitations, custom orders, also buttons, photography and design work.
Notes on Art Making and Mycatlulu at: mycatlulu.blogspot.com
Favorite Animal Charities:
East Bay Spca - http://www.eastbayspca.org/
International Bird Rescue - http://www.ibrrc.org/
American Oceans Campaign - http://www.americanoceans.org/
Defenders of Wildlife - www.defenders.org/index.php

asweetness: store spotlight

Asweetness donated her very unique Cow Check Book Cover, which has recently been purchased at the EFA store.

A little tidbit about asweetness from the artist:

My name is Andrea and my store is named Andrea's Creations. I like to make
things using paper and scrap booking techniques. I also like to make unexpected
things or alter ordinary things. Those have been my best received items. I do
custom work, I am convo friendly, and I can be negotiable with my prices and/or
shipping. Please come by and visit my store at http://www.asweetness.com/ and let me know
if I can help you in your quest to buy hand made.
...And her story about her cute dog Jack.
This cute dog's name is Jack, he was on his way to the pound when my
bf told the person who was taking him that he wanted him... so he was rescued.
He is a Corgi; short legs and big ole head...lol

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

100 Tips for Etsy Sellers from Etsy Sellers

Hi all,
I wanted to give my fellow street team members a chance first before I post on the forum.

I am calling for the submission of your best seller tips that you might share with other etsy-ians. It can range from the practical, for example "always cross check your buyers address on etsy to the one on Paypal, to more "life affirming," for example, remember during the holidays to take the time to clear your mind and to quietly breath.

Please make you tips concise and clear.

This article is for my blog, and hopefully for the storque.

Send me your tip in the format below to nickandnoraphoto at gmail dot com
Email Header: My Esty Tip
In Email Body:
Tip: --- "always cross check your buyers address on etsy to the one on paypal "
Your Etsy Name: - --- mycatlulu
Your http:// of etsy seller id, ---- http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5218446


Buy Handmade

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Handmade Holidays - NanjoDogz-Precious the Pomeranian

Precious is hand-sculpted from polymer clay and lays under her very own Christmas tree decorated with some favorite things -- tiny little kongs and balls that are made from polymer clay, part of the kongs and some balls are made from glow in the dark clay, which gives it a little glow at night -- and to top it off her very own doggy Christmas angel with pink and green angel wings. The tree is also wrapped with pastel fibers. She lays on a pink Christmas tree skirt with white daisy print. Under and around the tree are wooden blocks, a pillow, a red tug toy, a caboose train car, another kong and between her paws is her very own pink rubber shoe to chomp away at her heart's content!

25% of the proceeds from Precious will go towards the EFA charity of the month.



NanjoDogz is a shop full of dogs! We support our local charities Illinois Doberman Rescue and Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago.

Two EFA'ers make the Etsy front Page

StarsDreamsandJewels and Whskr, both members of Etsy for Animals, have both made the front page at www.etsy.com in the past week. If you are me (Whskr) in New Zealand it takes a couple of your Etsy friends to tell you it's happening before you miss it - jumping up and down pointing at the front page (so thanks to MissPurl and Katie Mishkatfor the heads, and for the screencap).

Congratulations to Jeanne at StarsDreamsandJewels for her 15 minutes of Etsian fame.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dove of Peace Earrings

This post has moved here

Pot Belly Pig Fund- Fudge Sales- Help River

Happy Holidays to All-
My name is Jeanne and I am an active member in the EFA. My etsy shop is StarsDreamsandJewels. I am a volunteer at the Jefferson County Humane Society.(September Charity of the Month). I have established a fund for "River" the senior pot belly pig housed and cared for at the Jefferson County Humane Society. River was abused and neglected. He was found on the side of the road starving. Can you imagine a skinny pig??? His front legs are slightly deformed due to years and years of having overgrown hooves. He is getting fat and is recovering nicely under the loving care of the awesome folks at the shelter.

I make and sell homemade yummy scrummy fudge in over 30 flavors and give 15% of the proceeds to this very worthwhile fund. Fudge makes a great holiday gift, everyone loves candy!!!! I have made more than 100lbs of fudge in the last month!!! That is a lot of fudge!!! I will be using the money collected to purchase the food that River needs. He eats a lot, after all, he is a pig:) I post receipts of donations on my blog HERE

I also sell items in the charity section of my etsy shop to benefit that cause. I published a cookbook this year which also helps the HSJC you can view that item in my etsy shop HERE

If you would like to purchase some fudge to help River please send me a convo through my etsy shop or you can contact me at fang2pickles-at-hotmail-dot-com. The fudge is $8.00per LB. and the smallest size I sell is 1/2lb. packages. I ship within the United States and make the fudge fresh to order. Here are a few of the flavors:

Peanut Butter
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Raisin Walnut
Maple nut
Butterscotch Walnut
Rocky Road
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Orange
White Chocolate Walnut
and many, many more flavors

If you are interested I can email you a full list of all of the flavors. I can also give you a shipping quote. If you would like I can post and reserve the listing in my etsy shop for you. Thanks so much for your interest. Happy Holidays
Jeanne- StarsDreamsandJewels

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Handmade Holidays Entry

This entry is from Whskr.

Illuminata glows with the two colours I like for Christmas, Red and Gold. Her hand dyed fabric is a deep red that sets off the huge golden bodice of re-purposed jewellery fragment and the golden beads along the hem of her gown. This girl is not for whimps and will make a real statement on a jacket lapel and she will steal the show for you at any Christmas party you wear her too!

10% of all my sales goes to the Etsy for Animals charity of the month and I am proud to be able to make this contribution. I think that we sellers who don't sell huge amounts tend to forget that the little amounts we all make build to make one 'big' amount for the charity we support each month. We should all be proud of what we do for animals and hold our heads high for our cause - EFA!

I'd like to nominate a charity for CotM some time in the future, the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust. I will find out more details on their work here in New Zealand and then let you know.

Friday, December 07, 2007

A WILD And Wonderfilled Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us!
Holidays schedule stressing you out? Let your fingers do the shopping! Take a look at these items available at the Etsyforanimals shop.

Do you remember reading about the fun beasts in the storybook "Where The Wild Things Are?" If you do you will truly treasure this fun and adorable hat donated by Linda Webb of LOLABEAR!
Where The Wild Hat Is . a la MAX is a whimsical knit BALACLAVA or SKI HAT - in wild browns and wines .As worn by MAX in 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

This one is child size large and it keeps the entire head warm - neck, ears, cheeks - perfect for those windy days.

Fibers are - 25% Wool 75% Acrylic.
Machine Wash & Dry

Another fabulous item donated to the EFA shop is Sunny Day Polar Bear by kyeliza.
This is an original 8" x 10" oil painting of a polar bear who is enjoying a sunny day.

Here is a little bio by kyeliza:

"I am 28 years old and have been creating since I was a wee one. I can't imagine not having art in my life and I am constanly absorbing images, colors and inspiration from everything around me.After majoring in art in college, I started painting my dog and my kitty, eventually moving on to pet portraits for other people. I have continued painting peoples' pets, but also work on small, brightly colored creature paintings (like this polar bear!), larger monster series and any other projects that may strike my fancy. I donate 10% of pet portrait sales to http://saveasato.org, because they are the lovely people who connected me with my dog, a rescue mutt."

Thank you, kyeliza!

While the focus seems to be on the holidays, people DO have birthdays in December! Expressivepapers has got you covered with this handmade birthday card. Have a Wild and Wonderful Birthday features zoo animal-patterned paper, textured cardstock, organza ribbon and a copper color metal brad.

This card is 5" X 7" in size, fully lined with an additional layer of plain white lightweight acid free cardstock, and blank inside. It comes with a white envelope.

At ExpressivePapers, you'll find handmade cards, tags, paper piecings and (occasionally) scrapbook layouts.

Next we have a stunning emroidered piece: Thoroughbred Horse Heirloom Quality Embroidery by shessochic.
The photo cannot do these horses justice, It has excellent lines and portrays a grandeur that no other animal can duplicate.

This design can be done on a tote or apron and can also be purchased framed.(Please contact shessochic for info on framing)

Designs are approximately 5" x 7". It can be personalized and some colors are variable too. The sheet size is 8" x 12".

And finally...The Christmas Armadillo makes an appearance!!

The Fingerdillo Ring by prettyinpeace is a MUST HAVE!

Prettyinpeace has skillfully mounted a .75" bronze armadillo atop a matching fully adjustable copper plated base. This is a carefree, fun piece that pairs well with just about anything. It is a lighthearted, lightweight piece well suited for teens and tweens-and a great stocking stuffer.

(Also great for us 4o somethings that refuse to grow-up!)

Thanks to all these Etsy Artisans for their generous donations to EtsyForAnimals.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Vintage Filligree Snowflake Sunflowers

Unique, beautiful, elegant vintage snowflake and sunflower findings become earrings for you or a gift. About 2" long. Hypo-allergenic hooks or clip-ons available for $2. Images 2-5 are other examples of my creations. 10% goes to the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month.

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