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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

ENTER the October Monthly Challenge: Scary Creatures


Entering the monthly Etsy for Animals Challenge is a fun way to participate in the EFA street team.

Every month there is an opportunity for EFA members to submit one of their listings to be featured on the blog. Each month has a specific theme which the listing must reflect in some way.

EFA has a blog that is solely dedicated to our Monthly Challenges. The Monthly Challenge blog provides a lovely display of goods presented by our artists & suppliers. Its a wonderful marketing opportunity for our sellers and also shows us how they contribute to aiding our animal friends.

To submit an entry, contact AldanaMica with the following information:

1. SHOW a link to an item in your shop that fits the theme or has been created for the theme.

2. TELL how the item fits the theme

3. TELL a bit about your work/donations/volunteer work with animal charities

Two more steps:

4. In your shop, tag the item with our October challenge tag: 'teamefascary'. Be sure to also keep your regular team tag in place, either 'team efa' or 'team efa cotm'.

5. Please make sure that your convo is specifically titled with the NAME of the MONTH and the word "challenge"... so in this case OCTOBER CHALLENGE.

Entries that are accepted will be displayed at the beginning of the month- approximately one each day- until all the challenges have been shown off. Members are encouraged to come visit and leave a comment.. our participants love to hear the good things members have to say about their work !!!

The first 16 challenge entries that are received will be used to create an Etsy Treasury. For every 16 received after that, a new treasury will be created. This will be done on a first come basis.

Suggestions and comments are always welcomed. Contact LolaLynn who serves as EFA's Challenge Administrator.

Click HERE to visit the Monthly Challenge Blog !

the fun & excitement usually begins on the first

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sea Otter Awareness Week: The Economy of an Ecosystem

We continue our celebration of Sea Otters
during Sea Otter Awareness week !

The Economy of  an Ecosystem
by Richard Kriheli

Mention a Sea Otter to most anyone in my generation and there's an odd chance that Jim Henson's puppetry will spring to mind. 

One of the fondest memories from my youth was watching 1977's "Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas", repeating over and over on HBO. Thinking back on the story, I cannot help but dote about how poignant of a statement it makes, while leaving this permanent lasting impression on me. In short, it tells a tale of  poverty stricken Sea Otters as they labor through the holiday season, making ends meet while maintaining holiday joy. It's a simple story that resonates large in today's cloudy economic climate. As 2010 draws to a close and we quickly approach impending commercial madness, I'd like to urge everyone to be mindful of Sea Otters and what they stand for.

Why? For one, they are a hard-working and an extremely under-appreciated species. With all the hoopla surrounding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the plight of sea otters got a little bit of well-deserved national attention (albeit, brief). Though they appear small and insignificant to many, their contributions to the health of coastal ecosystems across the globe is rather crucial, raising the flag of conservationists near and far. According to Wikipedia, they are considered a keystone species for this very reason. Similarly, it is the working class and artisans that are the backbone of world economy. Collectively, we drive the planet and sustain the economic ecosystem. 

So I ponder the life of the little furry foraging Sea Otters, toiling  diligently every single day - just like most of us who must earn our keeps. I think back to Jim Henson’s mini-movie from the days of my youth and I no longer wonder why it sticks.


EFA member: Malathip

I am a New York City based visual artist that specializes in graphic illustration and painting (both watercolor and acrylics). Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I earned my degree in Interior Architecture before settling to New York's Upper West Side. My work explores natural subjects with an emphasis on raising awareness for endangered animals. Although my pieces begin with planning and forethought, they really come to life as paint, colors, lines and values interact. I am the founder and chief designer at EcoPatterns - http://ecopatterns.com
Web Maestro & Writer

Richard is responsible for keeping EcoPatterns.com up-to-date and sound and penning the various endangered animal factoids. He helps author the blog with his deft writing prowess and is not only a supporter but also someone who sports the shirts regularly. He is also husband to Malathip :)
If you love sea otters be sure to read our first 
Sea Otter Awareness Week feature 
Click HERE !

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking at Climate Change: SEA TURTLES

Written by Heather Windmiller

Climate change due to global warming and climate disasters such as the Gulf Oil Spill are two catastrophies which imperil the lives of our sea turtles.

In an article titled, Wildlife and Offshore Drilling: The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Disaster: Sea Turtles, Defenders of Wildlife states: "The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida’s Atlantic coast are home to five species of sea turtles: green, hawksbill, leatherback, loggerhead and Kemp’s ridley. All are listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The oil gushing from BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig poses several additional threats to the already precarious existence of these rare creatures."

Beautiful Kemp's Ridley sea turtle
USFWS National Digital Library 

They further state what the impact of oil is on sea turtles: "Sea turtles are vulnerable to oil exposure at all life stages and through several routes of exposure: contact with skin, ingestion and inhalation of vapors. The exact impact will also vary with the type of petroleum product involved, and by how long it has been in the environment."

Defenders of Wildlife explains more specifically how the oil effects the turtles at certain stages of development: "Oil poured directly on eggs can kill or maim developing turtles, probably because the oil prevents vital oxygen from entering the eggs."

Hatchlings must crawl from the nest to the water potentially crossing a toxic oil zone: "Because they are small, they are more easily overwhelmed by any toxic substance. They are also more likely to choke on clumps of oil and tar, or have their mouths or stomachs blocked... Both sudden exposure to large amounts of oil and longterm exposure to small quantities of oil harm turtles internally and externally."

Beautiful Kemp's Ridley hatchling sea turtle
USFWS National Digital Library

Sea turtles of all ages have trouble distinguishing oil tar balls from food. If oil is ingested internally, it will effect juveniles and adults by decreasing red blood cells, increasing white blood cells, causes changes in liver enzymes, and can shut down the glands that rid the turtle of excess salt.

"Impacts of oil spills combined with climate change and other oil in the water is not the only problem for sea turtles. The burning of oil and other fossil fuels is a leading contributor to climate change."

"Climate change poses a unique threat to sea turtles, since the temperature at which their eggs incubate determines the sex of the turtle. As global temperatures continue to rise, sea turtles could be faced with the reality of only females being born in clutches that are laid in sand with temperatures over 88.6 degrees F. Sea level rise and storm surge could also destroy sea turtle nesting beaches."

Green Sea Turtle
USFWS National Digital Library 

"Beaches are already being lost to erosion caused by development, dredging and chaneling projects. Furthermore, efforts to protect seaside buildings and other structures from sea level rise—particularly beach armoring, shoreline hardening and beach renourishment projects— result in the loss of nesting beaches. Sea turtles also suffer in red tide events, outbreaks of toxic algae that are on the rise due to warming waters. Strandings of sea turtles increase during red tides as the turtles are poisoned by toxins produced by the algae."

Read more about the specific effects of climate change and oil on sea turtles and what concerned citizens can do to help by clicking HERE.

Oil slick comes ashore
USFWS National Digital Library 

"Reasons for Hope: Sea turtles are fortunately one of the better protected animals under various conservation laws. All sea turtles are included in Appendix I of CITES. Six out of seven sea turtle species are protected by the Endangered Species Act."

Defenders of Wildlife is urging strong mandates on the government to prevent future oil disasters and states: "Although we are encouraged by the White House announcement that no new areas will be opened up to drilling until this spill has been fully investigated, Shell has announced plans to move forward with drilling in the Arctic, an area just as ecologically fragile as the Gulf, and where cleanup technology doesn’t even exist" said Jamie Rappaport Clark, executive vice president of Defenders of Wildlife and former director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

"It is time for President Obama to reinstate the moratorium on all drilling off of U.S. shores, ensuring that we can deal with the situation at hand without opening another part of our country up to similar disaster. Hopefully this catastrophe will be a wake-up call for Congress to pass comprehensive climate change legislation that moves us beyond drilling along our fragile coastline and towards a cleaner greener energy future."

Submerged Oil
USFWS National Digital Library 

In a "Defenders Magazine" article, summer 2010, titled Defenders in Action: Defenders Responds to Offshore Oil Disaster, Jamie Rappaport Clark states: "The worst thing about this is that it all could have been avoided. This is not a natural phenomenon caused by Mother Nature. This is caused by people. Something has got to change.”

In July of 2010, Defenders of Wildlife posted information about Obama in an article titled, Obama administration holds threats to America's coasts at bay, issues new offshore oil and gas drilling moratorium. The following is a statement from Rodger Schlickeisen, president and CEO of Defenders of Wildlife: “Today’s action by the administration makes clear that America’s waters and coastlines are too valuable to invite another drilling disaster even before we have stopped the gush of oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon well. This new moratorium is a welcome and courageous step by the administration, one that demonstrates its commitment to reining in a reckless drilling industry and helping to assure that a tragedy such as the continuing one in the Gulf will not happen again.”

Green Sea Turtle
USFWS National Digital Library 


Protect Wildlife Threatened by Climate Change! 

Save Sea Turtles from Big Oil's Double-Barreled Thread:

to learn more about what Defenders
is doing to respond to the oil disaster
and what else you can do to help.

I'm a Defender of Wildlife - Are You? - Defenders.org

Team EFA, also known as Artists Helping Animals, is supporting Defenders of Wildlife this month through our cotm program & petition signing !
To read more blog articles 
on Defenders of Wildlife

see September 1 post HERE
and September 2 post HERE


"This is a treasury made primarily of EFA team members who have created items with a sea turtle theme. I think all these items are really fantastic ! Thanks for checking it out !"

curated by thebluewindmill

featuring EFA members:

BrazenDesignStudio, cherokeemoon, curlymonkey,
happywren, Smilingfrogs, TracyTeeter,
thefrogbag, PunkeyMonkey, SharonFosterArt,
greerdesign, LolaLynn, & brizel4TheAnimals

Click HERE to visit Etsy Treasury !

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating Rabbits !

I’m honoured to write a piece about rabbits for EFA, I’m Annette Tait, care giver to two rescue rabbits, Arabella and Wesley.

My rabbits live indoors with me. I tried living in a hutch but it was cold, cramped, damp and smelly so we all live together happily inside, warm, snug and toasty!

I look forward to sharing some informative asides about rabbits. 
(all true and witnessed by me)

live to 14 years
and does must be spayed to prevent uterine cancer
use kitty litters with ease
must eat constantly with food always present
love to sleep during the day
and play at night
climb up the sofas and chairs, the higher the better
and race around the rooms

Rabbits love
broccoli, kale, carrots,
turnips, parsnips, herbs and greens
eating electric cords
books, papers and furniture legs
redecorating your house, their way
digging up the carpet corners
eating the skirting boards
and curtain bottoms
chewing your new shoes
especially the shoelaces
your bag straps
and wallet

Rabbits will
investigate who is at the door
thump their hind leg at disturbances
charge at people they don’t like
always inspect what you are doing

Rabbits may
kiss you on the nose
and on the chin and neck
and forearm, if you are lucky
place their head on the floor
for you to submit to them and caress them

Rabbits always
leave surprises all over the floor
not a surprise for them, just for you
pee where they feel like it, if they want to
show you displeasure if you slight them

Rabbits are
not for everyone, especially kids
like small goats they will destroy your home
able to fill your heart in seconds
so much bigger than their size

Their spirit is indomitable

But most of all
rabbits will love you
110% if you love them 100%
they will be devoted to you
if you treat them with love
care and consideration
forgiveness and humour
gentleness and respect
openness and honesty
you will have a friend for life, for ever

Please support rabbit rescues, 
adopt or sponsor and make your world a better place !

Love a chance to win one of 14 great prizes? 
Please enter the two rescue rabbit raffles I am taking part in:


If you'd like to visit Annette's Etsy shop
Dragon House of Yuen
please click HERE !

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