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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EFA Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs... Gifts for Canines

EFA Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs
- Gifts 4 Canines -

"This advent calendar features 24 festive red & green cotton pouches, each decorated with hand printed white paw prints, counting down the days to Christmas.

Each pouch can be filled with a small toy or snack of your choice: your pet will receive a special treat every day in the lead up to Xmas! What's more, the calendar can be reused again year after year.

The pouches measure 6 x 9 cm & are attached by drawstring cords to a length of jute cord measuring 170 cm (approx). The whole thing is very light & can be hung in your chosen location using just a few drawing pins (or similar) to secure the ends.

I screen print each numbered pawprint onto the sacks by hand using non-toxic fabric ink. The ink is fixed using heat, making it resistant to machine washing at 40°C, dry cleaning & ironing on a cotton setting."

"A Great Stocking Stuffer or Gift for Your Favorite Dog! This Gift Basket Contains: Ginger Snack Treats, Peppermint Paw Cream (1/4oz), and a Winter Spice Spray (1oz). All complete in a wicker basket.

These treats are Vet Approved! Ginger Snacks contains organic molasses, ginger, and cinnamon.

The Paw Cream is fantastic for any type of dry paw, dry spot, dry nose, cut, rash, bumps, irritated areas, etc. 100% Organic! Safe to lick.

The Winter Spice Spray has a wonderful scent of cinnamon. It is a deodorizer, helps fight grease, leaves a nice scent, and will help stimulate the senses. 100% Organic! Safe to use on the body.

All items are Non-Toxic and Safe to Use."

"Waiting for Santa in these soft fluffy fleece dog jammies ?!

One piece, slip on over head, and then insert all legs. No need to remove for "business", open in all the important areas! Cuffs and collar are snowball soft chenille ribbing. Just too stinkin' cute!!!

LENGTH - From neck to base of tail: 12 inches, not including collar.
COLLAR AND CUFFS: 2 Inches in length
CHEST: About 16 inches around, measuring just behind front legs.
NECK/COLLAR: Circumference about 12 inches; make sure head can fit through this also!
ie, measure dog's head, around like you were putting on a scarf and tying under chin.

Need it in a different size or want more than 1 pair ? Contact me! "

"Transform your pooch into a sweet, colorful little bug!

This item can be made to fit dogs with necks that are approximately 8" to 17" and is machine washable on a gentle cycle and dryer friendly on tumble dry. If you need a smaller or larger size, we can make one for you, but please message us first to place a custom order, as prices may vary :]

Made to order, please send us a message letting us know the breed of your dog and the measurement of his or her neck."

"What better gift to give to our pets than a voice? We share our innermost secrets with our best friends; our joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. And they are never too busy to listen, to mourn our losses and to celebrate our victories. But what about their hopes and dreams? What gives them joy or causes them pain? What do they wish for? What would they tell us if they could speak in words as we do?

Animals communicate with each other through their minds by using thoughts and pictures. Once, we humans communicated this way too and still can, only our skills are rusty from not using them. Do you often finish your best friend's sentences, know who is calling on the telephone before picking it up, sensed someone was unhappy even though they were smiling, felt someone's negative intentions although they appear friendly? We call this intuition, but in reality, it's a form of telepathy.

This listing is for one custom animal telepathic communication with your pet. You may ask your pet 3 questions, or give you pet a message, or do a combination of questions and messages."

"I made this particular necklace out of an assortment of beads that reminded me of old-fashioned hard Christmas candy, though it's actually a mixture of glass and plastic beads strung on a stretchy beading cord I selected for its durability and safety.

This necklace is 12" long. Revco, the model in the photo, weighs approximately 13-14 lbs to give you some sort of scale.

Though I always recommend that pet jewelry be worn under supervision, the stretchy cord affords some flexibility should the collar become caught on something around the house to free the dog or cat's head. It's a festive and fabulous gift for your pet or another's you love. Gift wrapping is never a problem! Just ask. :)

Don't see a size that fits your dog or cat?
Do you have favorite colors or want your pet's name included?
Just ask and I'll make your best friend a one of a kind original!"

"I love this fabric it reminds me of being on the ocean and looking down at the reefs below. Think of sunny days and blue seas, not your same old car seat cover.

Island inspired designer blanket with reversible floral print, yarn quilted standard front car seat blanket cover for your special furry child. A uniquely designed blanket stays in place to keep hair, dirt, sand off your car seat & pretty enough for your home to cover furniture - think tropical fashion statement!

Large pocket on black aloha print side of fabric that fits over head rest. Black aloha fabric subject to change depending on availability. See Large Blanket Instructions to reverse print side - invert pocket by pulling pocket inside out and using to fit over head rest, adjust blanket accordingly around car seat.

Approximate size 58" x 43" 100% cotton and cotton blend fabric/soft polybatting makes for a light weight yet durable, cozy comfortable quilt blanket. Easy to machine wash and dry with towels & sheets. pat.pend. Beautifully Gift rolled and tied with raffia."

"This dog bandana, made in the hard to find extra extra large size will inspire 'ohhhs and awwws' on the largest of gentle giant canines.

Super bright colors make it perfect for that holiday picture of your dog. Bright green holly on one side, all the makings of Christmas... stockings, presents and reindeer, on the other. Red and green contrasting stitching makes it extra cute and festive.

Measuring 34 inches on the long edge, it is perfect for your gentle giant of a dog with a 23 to 26 inch neck measurement."

"Cookies for Santa Paws? These Cranberry Oat cookies pack a punch!

A chewy inside center and with the cranberries and the hard outer shell makes a cookie your pup is sure to love. These would be a great holiday gift for your four-legged furry friend!

Each cookie measures approximately 3 inches, and you will receive 5 cookies in a wire handled box. To ensure freshness, treats should be refrigerated upon receiving!

All of our treats are: ♥ Wheat Free ♥ Corn Free ♥ Soy Free ♥ Preservative Free
Treats are MADE TO ORDER!"


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