EFA: Etsy For Animals Etsy For Animals: December 2009

Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Monday, December 28, 2009

EFA mention :-)

You can see the mention here. And below is a screenshot.

From http://jinglebobs.etsy.com

I wish
I could adopt all the homeless dogs
and give them balls to fetch
and warm beds to sleep in.
That I had enough litter boxes
for a 100 cats
cause I have laps
that need sitting in!
I wish my small barn
and 3 ton of hay
could feed a thousand horses
and the apples
in my buckets would be enough
for Christmas day.
So I sigh, and I regret
all the places I can't help yet,
I can do what I can do
each and every day.

12/24/09 J Renee Smith

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tombola (raffle) Fundraiser for Animals!

EFA is sponsoring a Tombola (raffle) Fundraiser for Animals with To Happy Vegans http://tohappyvegans.com The event will be on the 6th of February in Bath, England. EFA will be donating at least 30 prizes for the raffle, and we get to choose which charity will receive the funds raised! Please leave a comment on this blog entry by Jan. 10 with your charity suggestion and letting me know if you can donate an animal product free item(s).

I will send the address to those who can donate. Let's make this event a success for EFA, To Happy Vegans, and the animals!!!

From Mitsu To Happy Vegans: "The event is organised by VIVA! an organisation that campaigns for a vegan/vegetarian world. They are supported by celebs such as Paul Mccartney, Heather Mills and Chrissie Hyndes. This is their website.

Everything at the event must be vegan and it is a not-for-profit educational initiative organised by Viva! which is held every year. More information on the Roadshow is here.

Sasha and I started the website this year after both turning vegan at the same time. We wanted to share everything we have learned and make it easier for other people who are conisdering becoming vegan make the change. We have recipes, fashion, blogs, nutrition and all sorts of other information on the website. In addition to this we also make vegan cakes and are hoping to branch out further with this, everything we make is vegan and we use organic and fair trade ingredients.

In addition to our cakes, when we have stalls at vegan fayres and festivals such as the VIVA! one we also have a tombola (a raffle) [100% goes to a specific charity]. All the prizes are generously donated by vegan companies or other companies we feel share our ethics. The current procedure is quite lengthy and involves contacting every company individually as we come across them, so a sponsored tombola seems to make sense and will help save our time so we can concentrate on the million and one other things we have ideas for! This year we have managed to raise money for Marine Connection, VegFam, and HIPPO Charity.

This is our tombola from the last fayre we did.

We are both in full time employment and maintain our non profit website and prepare for all the vegan festivals in our spare time."

Please donate an item(s) to help and suggest an animal charity to benefit by leaving a comment below. Thanks, Michele

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paws Animal Sanctuary, EFA December Charity of the Month

Chosen by Lucy of http://luniquejewellery.etsy.com

So, why did I nominate PAWs animal sanctuary as charity of the month?

Well, despite being a lifelong animal lover, I only found out about this local sanctuary last May, but have visited virtually every Sunday ever since (my mum and I became members after a couple of weeks!). The founder, Stacey, has given up her home and dedicated her life to care of abandoned and neglected animals, and the brilliant team of volunteers help with allsorts, including giving the resident animals much needed love and attention.

There are many rabbits, guinea pigs and cats (and occasionally dogs and other pets) who are looked after until they can be found a new loving home. It's always good to see that some have been adopted but inevitably the spaces are soon filled by more animals in need.

As a small local charity I know that they appreciate any donations that people make and I hope that our EFA team will be able to raise some useful cash so that the PAWs team can continue to do their vital work. Thank you!!

Looking for Etsy items that support the Charity of the Month? Click here to search.

Monday, December 14, 2009

ART UNLEASHED: An artistic fundraiser for homeless animals

By Rebecca of kneedeeporiginals - http://kneedeeporiginals.etsy.com

In September, I spent some hours on designs for the upcoming Art Unleashed 2010 fundraiser for the Forsyth County Humane Society in North Carolina. This event connects artists with the organization and the local community as a way to raise money to support the Humane Society, its programs, and the care of the animals who reside there while they wait for a new home. I first got involved with Art Unleashed during their 2007/2008 event when I entered a last-minute design which was selected. There were approximately 60 designs chosen out of about 280, and these 60 chosen pieces ultimately helped to raise, through an auction party, $58,000 for the Humane Society. Each accepted artist received a cat or dog fiberglass form to paint, decorate, or enhance in whatever way their design called for. It was simply amazing to see the beautiful work that came from the project and how each artist had such a different vision. Here is my dog, Dogwood, who now lives at the home of a wonderful husband and wife eye-doctor team who purchased him at the auction for $750 ...

To create the base, I thought about my own dogs (both rescued dogs) and how they are so faithful and loving, such wonderful companions in all seasons of life. So they inspired the words I wrote and painted around the base of the sculpture: "I will fetch the sticks you throw into blue-dream skies. I'll carry your cares, sing them to the moon, lay among dogwood petals, waiting patiently at your feet."

The 2009/2010 fundraiser will be a little different. Only 10 dog forms and 10 cat forms will be created, but artists are encouraged to submit designs for original art, such as a painting, collage, 3-D work, furniture, house wares, and whatever else they can think of. The deadline for submission was in mid-September, and I busied myself with other art and activities while I patiently waited to hear if either of my designs was chosen. Finally, during the first week of December, I got a phone call and yippee!! The selection committee picked my cat design, Scout in the Garden, and I am so excited! The design was based on my own cat, a rescued kitty who always keeps me company in the garden when I am working the dirt and weeding and planting flowers and veggies.

Here's the design I submitted and what I will follow once I pick up my form which should be ready in early January.

Once the holidays are over, I'll be busy with this project. Stay tuned to my blog athttp://kneedeepstudio.blogspot.com where I'll post updates, images, details, and links as Scout in the Garden develops and as the event unfolds next spring with a kick-off parade through downtown streets.

I would encourage others to seek to begin this kind of fundraiser for their local animal charities… it’s so much fun and it involves many people in artistic and positive ways to raise awareness for animal advocacy. You'll be amazed at the number of people who will want to be involved, either as an artist or a sponsor!! Follow this link to learn more about Art Unleashed: http://www/forsythhumane.org/art_unleashed_ 2010.asp

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