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Monday, September 20, 2010

Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Incorporated

Article & illustration by Nadya from oceloteyes

There are many groups like EFA around the world, full of artists, crafters, sculptors, and creative people who are passionate about protecting Mother Nature, and want to use their skills to help raise awareness of conservation causes and help the environment. EFA member Nadya (oceloteyes.etsy.com) has recently joined one such group in Australia - the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society, a prominent group of professional artists focusing on wildlife.

The Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Incorporated was first established in 1983, in Brisbane Australia, by a small group of artists interested in fostering the study and appreciation of wildlife art specifically relating to Australia's unique flora and fauna. Since then membership has steadily grown to include artists from all over Australia as well as overseas.

Our objectives are:
- To engage the general public and to educate them through art, on the importance of preserving Australia? a unique natural heritage, and the imperativeness of environmental sustainability.
- To organize and publicise environmentally themed art exhibitions with a large number themed to Australian species.
- To assist young and emerging artists to achieve their potential with access to workshops, demonstrations and mentoring by leading master artists.
- To use exhibitions to increase awareness of species and habitats covering a wide spectrum of flora and fauna that are threatened, from around the world.
- To generate career support and professional development opportunities for artist members.
- To facilitate art sales and commissions to support conservation and artists.

QWASI holds regular exhibitions of wildlife art around Brisbane and other parts of Australia to inspire viewers to think about conservation issues affecting endangered species, to raise awareness and admiration for the unique creatures of Australia, as well as species of other parts of the world. Many exhibitions also raise money for conservation causes directly - in fact, the next QWASI exhibition is coming up in Kenilworth, QLD, September 25th - October 1st 2010, and 5% from all artworks sold at this exhibition will go to support Wildlife Warriors' koala research program.

The artists have also been running a raffle over the last few months, with many prizes donated and all raffle-ticket sales raising more money for the koalas. Some of the artists are also teaching art workshops the week of the exhibition, so it is going to be an incredibly exciting time in Kenilworth!

Please visit the QLD Wildlife Artists Society website to learn more about the group, see the artists' work, and read more about upcoming wildlife art exhibitions: http://www.qwasi-wildlife.com/

Did you know that koalas, the animal icon of Australia, are actually suffering from illnesses that affect the survival of the species in the wild? This is what Wildlife Warriors' koala research program is all about, and you can read more about their efforts here: http://www.wildlifewarriors.org.au/research/koalas.html


  1. Good luck with the upcoming exhibition !

  2. Great cause and wonderful drawing! Thank you for sharing this with EFA and helping animals!


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