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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

EFA TREASURY & DOW PETiTiON: Addressing Climate Change polar bears need our help !

Team EFA, also known as Artists Helping Animals, is supporting Defenders of Wildlife this month through our cotm program & petition signing...

"The polar bear is an iconic symbol of global warming, and among the first species to be so affected by it. More and more countries around the world, in particular those that incorporate Arctic landscape like the United States, Russia, Canada, and Greenland, are pledging to fight global warming in order to preserve the polar bear..." Defenders of Wildlife

polar bears need our help !
curated by cobaltcat
in collaboration with brizel4TheAnimals

featuring 100% EFA members:

happywren, pennydogaccessories, TracyTeeter,
RecyclingZychal, beadznstonezsupplies,
bewhiskered, ArtByMarilyn, kittyempire3,
faraharia, thebluewindmill, runonthesun,
dragonhouseofyuen, mvegan5, emmarts,
thefaeriecupboard, & thefrogbag

Click HERE to see Treasury on Etsy !

Send a message to senators
urging them to say
“Yes!” to comprehensive legislation
to address climate change and
“No!” to more dangerous offshore drilling."

Save Polar Bears from Big Oil's Double-Barreled Thread:

I'm a Defender of Wildlife - Are You? - Defenders.org

Click on the link above to visit DOW's website !
You can also take a peek at Defenders blog HERE

To read more blog articles on Defenders of Wildlife
see September 1 post HERE
and September 2 post HERE

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