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Thursday, September 16, 2010


written by K. Lisa Daley


"Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies have just been placed under federal protection due to a recent court decision. Unfortunately, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are still looking for ways to reduce their wolf populations. Defenders of Wildlife is working with the states, ranchers, hunters and other stakeholders to ensure a healthy future for wolves in the region." Defenders of Wildlife

In case you don't already know, our Etsy For Animals' chosen Charity of the Month is Defenders of Wildlife. Founded in 1947, Defenders is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants. They use education, advocacy, research and litigation to accomplish their mission and have over 500,000 members worldwide.

Wolf Animal Totem Medicine Bag
by IndieWolf

"What man does not understand, he fears; and what he fears, he tends to destroy." (author unknown)

Never in the history of this country has there been an animal so hated and misunderstood as the wolf. It wasn't always this way. Native Americans regarded wolves as one of the greatest of all the animal teachers because they're excellent team players, know the meaning of loyalty, and value their young, yet are still able to think and function independently. But years of persecution started by the European settlers, along with loss of habitat and government sponsored anti-wolf campaigns, caused wolves in the United States to become virtually extinct by the 20'th century. As in the past, the main accusation against wolves now is that they take food away from humans.

First, some sportsmen claim wolves are eating so many elk, deer and moose that there aren't enough of these animals left for them to hunt. Anti-wolf extremists, some of whom are calling themselves "patriots", are now urging their followers to illegally kill wolves because they believe the wolves are "robbing" them of game that belongs to them. CLICK HERE if you'd like to read about one such group's plans to destroy wolves

Second are the ranchers who seek to keep their livestock safe, the largest groups being sheep and cattle breeders. Although wolves are not a significant cause of livestock loss, their natural resources for food have been depleted by indiscriminate hunting and loss of habitat, so they do sometimes turn to livestock in order to feed themselves.

Third, some government officials are less than enthusiastic about wolf reintroduction and are working to challenge, amend and overturn current laws with new legislation.

Original Art Mona Lisa Wolf Buttons
by theanimalsmagicshop

To encourage cooperation with laws and to help prevent problems, Defenders of Wildlife has programs to educate ranchers in non-lethal protective measures. If problems arise, natural resource managers are available to help on an individual basis.

And finally, Defenders has a Wolf Compensation Trust that provides compensation to ranchers for verified cases in which livestock has been taken by wolves. This trust has been in effect for 23 years and is just now being transitioned over to a partnership with individual states to initiate their own wolf compensation programs.

Defenders will be funding range riders, guard dogs and portable fencing projects plus providing guidance and contributing additional funds to help states initiate these programs. In addition, they also work with law enforcement and federal officials to find and prosecute lawless wolf killers.

Cozy Wolf Fleece Throw Blanket
by faeriegood

Unlike humans, wolves can't garden, raise livestock, hunt with traps, guns, dogs, snowmobiles, helicopters and airplanes, stock up at the supermarket, or call pizza delivery. Their options for obtaining food are limited and seldom easy. Although they prefer large game, studies have shown that often the bulk of a wolf's diet actually consists of small animals, especially mice and rabbits. They also eat moths, beetles, and carrion.

Howling Wolf Silk Tapestry Box
by brizel4TheAnimals

"Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself." ( Chief Seattle )

Finally, it should be mentioned that anti-wolf extremists are very vocal and miss no opportunities to do harm. So it's important for those of us who care about wolves to be the same, but in a proactive and positive way.

Please consider learning more about Defenders of Wildlife, and making a personal pledge to do something to help the wolves who have no means to protect themselves from humans other than attempting to run. They are struggling to live and are completely dependent on us to give them a voice, so raise your voice on behalf of the wolves and be heard!

All of the wonderful wolf items shown in this post come from EFA members who are donating a portion of the sales proceeds to benefit Defenders of Wildlife.

read how
you can help
support a new beginning for wolves:

I'm a Defender of Wildlife - Are You? - Defenders.org

Click on the link above to visit DOW's website !
You can also take a peek at Defenders blog HERE

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  1. Wonderful article Lisa !
    THANKS so much for putting it together for us.

  2. I'm in!! Thanks for this informative article to raise awareness for the wolves. I have been a supporter of DOW for many years, so glad we could help with the effort on etsy through EFA this month. Wolf is my spirit guide and I have always been drawn to these majestic animals and hold them in high regard. It's truly up to us to help them claim their rightful place in this world today with so much working against them. Thank you!

  3. Fantastic reading - wolves are amazing creatures. Thanks for all the info Lisa. Jx

  4. Was an honor to write for our Team, Defenders of Wildlife, and most of all, for my favorite little brothers and sisters. I wish that by month's end many more people will have joined with Defenders, and the wolves will gain one hundred new friends for each person who is trying to hurt them.

  5. Great article and featured items :)

  6. I agree, love the focus and the art as I, too, am a supporter of DOW. I'm also leading a spiritual event this October that brings people and native wildlife (wolves included) together in dialogue and ceremony to co-create a more sustainable future for all of us.

    “When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them."
    —Chief Sealth (Seattle), Suquamish

    I believe that we are all Warriors of the Rainbow.

    In case you are interested here is the complete quote with attribution:
    "If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other.
    If you do not talk to them you will not know them and what you do not know, you will fear.
    What one fears, one destroys."
    —Chief Dan George

  7. Hi Rose, Thanks for stopping by and contributing!

    I believe EFA members will be interested to know that you (Rose De Dan) are a shaman, Reiki healer, animal communicator, teacher and author, AND you have an amazing video on your blog of a beautiful wolf named Apricot receving Reiki from a healer named Jill.

    I hope you don't mind my sharing your blog - the video is under the Sept 14 post:


    People can also sign up for Rose's newsletter on her blog; it's excellent and I learn something new every time I read it.

    Thanks again Rose - hope your October event is wildly successful!

  8. Why thank you, Karen, I appreciate your kind words.

    It might also interest you to know that I purchased IndieWolf's Wolf Medicine bag today. I was moved not only by the fact that it is beautiful, but by the artist's description of its contents which include fur from an amazing rescued wolf named (drum roll please) - Shaman. And when I looked into his eyes on the photo she has of him I knew it was supposed to be with me. You can tell Indie that her pouch will be going to the event with me in my healing mesa and will be present in ceremony for the wolves! Spirit works in beautiful ways.

  9. So great Lisa!!!
    And rainbow warriors! Love that!
    Great art too!

  10. What a perfect connection! Actually there's going to be a little more said about Shaman and Indie before the end of the month, so stay tuned...

    Yes, Warriors of the Rainbow - was really nice to hear that. There's a book written by a shaman who's name is Wolf Moondance, entitled "Rainbow Medicine" that I liked very much. She also wrote "Wolf Medicine" - I just pulled it out of the bookcase thinking to read it again since wolves seem to be popping up everywhere lately :>)

  11. Thank you so much, Lisa and Nicole, for including my Wolf medicine bag in this wonderful article ~ it is heartwarming to find a group of souls so willing to speak up for our wolf kin!

    And Rose, I am so touched by your story, and happy that your shaman spirit resonated with Shaman's spirit, and that he will be joining you in ceremony...Spirit does, indeed, work in beautiful ways!

    I am honored and grateful to be a member of team EFA, and to know that we will continue to lend our hearts and hands to these amazing beings...♥


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