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Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrating Rabbits !

I’m honoured to write a piece about rabbits for EFA, I’m Annette Tait, care giver to two rescue rabbits, Arabella and Wesley.

My rabbits live indoors with me. I tried living in a hutch but it was cold, cramped, damp and smelly so we all live together happily inside, warm, snug and toasty!

I look forward to sharing some informative asides about rabbits. 
(all true and witnessed by me)

live to 14 years
and does must be spayed to prevent uterine cancer
use kitty litters with ease
must eat constantly with food always present
love to sleep during the day
and play at night
climb up the sofas and chairs, the higher the better
and race around the rooms

Rabbits love
broccoli, kale, carrots,
turnips, parsnips, herbs and greens
eating electric cords
books, papers and furniture legs
redecorating your house, their way
digging up the carpet corners
eating the skirting boards
and curtain bottoms
chewing your new shoes
especially the shoelaces
your bag straps
and wallet

Rabbits will
investigate who is at the door
thump their hind leg at disturbances
charge at people they don’t like
always inspect what you are doing

Rabbits may
kiss you on the nose
and on the chin and neck
and forearm, if you are lucky
place their head on the floor
for you to submit to them and caress them

Rabbits always
leave surprises all over the floor
not a surprise for them, just for you
pee where they feel like it, if they want to
show you displeasure if you slight them

Rabbits are
not for everyone, especially kids
like small goats they will destroy your home
able to fill your heart in seconds
so much bigger than their size

Their spirit is indomitable

But most of all
rabbits will love you
110% if you love them 100%
they will be devoted to you
if you treat them with love
care and consideration
forgiveness and humour
gentleness and respect
openness and honesty
you will have a friend for life, for ever

Please support rabbit rescues, 
adopt or sponsor and make your world a better place !

Love a chance to win one of 14 great prizes? 
Please enter the two rescue rabbit raffles I am taking part in:


If you'd like to visit Annette's Etsy shop
Dragon House of Yuen
please click HERE !


  1. Wonderful post, Annette! It's always great to see the lovely Arabella and the handsome Wesley. Thank you so much for all you do to help them - and other rabbits too!

  2. thank you Katie, and Nicole, for posting this!
    however, I know how much both of you ladies do for the rabbits and other animals out there :)
    Let's hope that all rabbits have loving and caring homes!

  3. WOW what a reality check on what Rabbits need & do...
    so important to find the right match between hare & household !

    Thanks to all the bunny lovers out there :)

  4. Great post! Everything is so accurate...my buns to a T! And your bunnies are *so* precious :)

  5. (3rd try) Great Post! Lots of things I did not know, thanks!

  6. Perfect post for buns and humans !

  7. Such a beautiful post Annette & I can't believe how little I actually knew about rabbits!

  8. I love this. I will tweet about it and stuff! Can I ask our web guru a question. is it possible for us to have a 'Like' sort of button with each post - so we can spread the word on Facebook (and Twitter and such like).

    I have found I get lots of responses when I spread the word this way. Not being an expert I am not sure if it is something we CAN do but I thought I would ask here.

  9. Thank you Annette, for this wonderful post! :)

  10. So fabulous! How heartwarming and so lovingly presented. Thanks, Annette!


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