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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iN Memory of Sky... EFA member & co-creator of TheAnimalsMagicShop

Greetings Animal Lovers! 
I'm Sky, a 13 year old male Siberian husky.

I'm just a little speck in the universe, 
but I know even the smallest of us 
can make a big difference!

"Do you know that all animals are magical and can help you and teach you things? It's true!! That's our purpose in life and our greatest wish. But sadly, many animals can't realize their dreams because they're endangered, sick, hungry, homeless, or abused."

"Ever since I was a young pup and my person told me I was special and magical, I've wanted to be more than "just a dog". From leading a sled dog team to training puppies, competing with my brother for a certain lady dog, (I lost on that one, darn!), overcoming a serious illness, helping my person to blog, sell on Etsy, raise money for animal charities, and communicate with animals, well... I think I've accomplished a lot in 13 years, don't you?"

In August of 2009, Karen-Lisa of TheFaerieCupboard opened TheAnimalsMagicShop at Sky's request. Their primary goal was to fund raise for animal charity as well as assist the growing needs of a 12 Siberian husky pack at home.

"My shop is ALL about animals... says Sky... and my person has given me permission to pick whatever I think you'd like from her ~secret stash~ so I'll be showing you some good stuff! 10% of our sales, will be donated to Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue, and another 10% will be donated to the Etsy For Animals Charity of the Month. We also donate to other animal causes as needs arise."

"Don't forget, even if you can't afford to buy anything, there are many other ways to help animals. Love costs nothing - you can always give love! Thank you for whatever you can do! Sky"

In 2010 when Sky was interviewed by an animal communicator, he had some very meaningful personal reflections to share. When asked...

"If you could be a human for a day, would you want to? Yes, but only if I could change back to a dog. I like being a dog very much.

And if you were a human for a day, what would you do? I would go someplace where everyone could hear me and talk about animals.

What would you say about animals? I would tell people how much more there is to animals than they would ever guess... ...We are your guides. I guess that's a joke in a lot of ways now.  We aren't treated as important by many people. We're just dumb things and people can do what they want to us. Because we can't talk as humans do. That's our handicap. But that's the way it's supposed to be.

So all the animals are working together to help people? Yes.

and you work with other animals? Yes, with other animals. I'm like the magic animal you used to read about in fairy tales. Of course, all animals are magical. But each can choose their own level of involvement according to their personalities and what they prefer.

And what it is you most want to help us with? To practice love.

To practice love of animals? To practice love on every single thing that you do, see, and meet.

Why? Because you aren't good at it. People aren't good at it. You forgot.

But there are many things that are difficult to love ! When you get up, love yourself and the day. Love what you do before your day begins. Love what you see. Love the experience. It's yours - you can love it or not. If you love it, then it will change. You can change everything around you by loving it.

So animals want people to know that love is a very important thing? Yes, that love is the ONLY important thing."

Although I've never had a guru in my life... if i'd ever want to have one... it would be Sky. He is just so right on !


On September 14th, the Boreas pack had to give their fond farewells to Sky. We had been given a week's notice to 'prepare' for his departure and although it had been a difficult week for many of us who knew it in advance - it was a good week... for each day Sky was able to do something he loved.

Before Sky left, one of his departing requests was to honor his memory by keeping his shop 'alive and well'. His Etsy profile now reads: "I've begun a new journey, on the other side of Rainbow Bridge and my person has promised to honor my memory by keeping this shop, which we created together, alive and well. It's not over for me yet though. I'll never stop................... dreaming and trying to be more. As far as I'm concerned, the sky's the limit and I'm enjoying every minute of the trip!"

His person and shop partner, Karen-Lisa, said: "It's impossible to sum up Sky's life and how we felt about him, but if I had to choose only one word, it would be "Love"."

Heartfelt condolences 
go out to Sky's family
he is survived by his people:
Karen-Lisa & Richie
and his pack:
K.C, Hamm, Sam, Shiloh,
Mick, DanJim, Gazelle, 
Bella, Sundance,
and Diamond

Feature put together by Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals
Photos of Sky by Karen Lisa Daley of TheAnimalsMagicShop
In Loving Memory stone by Dan of MountainArtCasting


  1. Thank you for your friendship, Sky- you will forever be in my heart <3

  2. Thank you Nicole, for being such a good friend to both Sky and myself! Really love this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Although we do not know each other, I always think that animals are special, and you are one shiny gem among the stars. Sending you our waves and smile from down under, because we know love transcend time and space. Save journey!

  4. Oh... tears a'fallin'. What a sweet, sweet soul... and very wise too. I wish I could've known Sky and given him a hug and felt his warmth and love. But I send my blessings to him on his new journey and to his family. I so love that photo of Sky with his legs crossed. My Bruschi used to lay like that. :)

  5. What a lovely tribute to a very special dog. Animals often come into our lives and leave footprints across our hearts, but every great while we know we are witnessing a special spirit in our presence. Sky was one of these bright lights and he had a mission and message that all those who knew him can testify to. He will be greatly missed, but it brings comfort to know his spirit and message of love and service for animals in need will live on through his shop and all those he touched throughout his visit with us. It's all about love, and doing what you can, Happy Trails Sky!!

  6. What a touching and heartfelt post. Sky sounds like a beautiful boy, both inside AND out.

    Horsehugs, Karen-Lisa!

  7. I know how it breaks your heart to lose your best friend and sidekick. I hope your suffering may be alleviated and that Sky finds a new life that he adores.

  8. I can TOTALLY relate to your feelings. I felt the same way with my late Rockie who too inspired me to become an animal advocate and open my shop, when you have had a special animal like that in your life they are a true gift to you to help you become and grow your spirit into the person you are meant to be. Sky lives on as he has become a part of you.


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