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Friday, June 18, 2010

Help needed

Nicole of http://brizel4theanimals.etsy.com had a destructive fire on her property and can use our help.

Due to heavy winds, at 3.30am on Sat. June 12th- my electrical line was ripped off the wellhouse and a wildfire began shortly after. Dingo and I happened to be up at around 4am to see the brush fire in the main compound close to the shed and not far from the van. I quickly got the van out of harms way and loaded up the dogs before calling 911 (could not find Zippy Zip)... I begin to fire fight and successfully put out the flames. In the next half hour i was able to get all the brush fire out in the main compound (i had weedwhacked numerous times so it was pretty low key)- NO STRUCTURE CAUGHT FIRE- every building was spared because the fire snaked around the property in the most miraculous way (i will say more about that in the future). By the time the fire crept up the hill to the back of the fence line towards the water tanks and mountain- i could not get to the last of it- I knew it was time to run and leave. As i turned around the mountain began its flare up. As we left the property we could see the downed electrical line- we were to cross over it safely and waited outside the property for a mere minutes before the first fire truck arrived.

The fire was the first major fire in the area, named Mule Fire (although there was rumour that they would rename it Nicole Fire)- we had over 100 firefighters on the mountain with one helicopter and bulldozer- between 15-20 vehicles on property. I'll say more when i get round to writing and posting on my blog.

We are all safe and Zippy Zip returned later on in the afternoon. Very little was damaged, including garden and trees, although some of the drip irrigation melted. Fencing repairs will be in order and we are without power with the electrical company doing little to make repairs. Some building repairs will need to happen and one of my neighbours will be coming to take a look later this morning. Neighbours are helping... Radzy will be bringing in a generator later today that looks to be a good match for the well pump so all being well i should be able to get started on refilling the water tanks by end of day. In order to restore power- building work and repairs need to take place, a permit and inspection by county and then the electrical company will reconnect. I do not yet know how much this will cost but most of you know that my financial situation is dire at this moment so i hope that by the grace of the gods and the universe that it will happen none the less.

Although a tragic and shocking event- we got the best possible scenerio and everyone has been kind and helpful. Time to get ready for the firefighters... one engine is due in this morning to do a final inspection and to remove the 1000s of feet of water hoses scattered around the mountain.

Pls send us good wishes and prosperity. I will be buying a lotto ticket when i go to town !
Thank God its new moon now,
xox Nicole / Hazel

(p.s: no time to proof read)

List of Financial Needs

DINGO - enough raised 6/20
fecal analysis
Vet appt

building/repairs cost to wellhouse
labour cost for repairs to wellhouse
permit for repairs & inspection
cost of gas to run generators to draw water from well & occasional electricity for fridge, computer, cooler
heavy duty electrical extension cord
cost to reconnect power ??? not sure- this could be major ?
drip irrigation repairs for trees and garden- where melted

still assessing damages to wildlife, land and native trees... pines/oaks/mazanitas
that's all i got for now.
THANKS for any & all help.


BLOG: http://brizelhandcrafts.blogspot.com/
FLiCKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brizelhandcrafts


  1. wish I could help financially, but I hope everything will turn out alright and I send my warmest wishes your way!

  2. Sending you all the best Nicole!


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