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Saturday, August 30, 2008

C is for Calming by DeerMountainWoodArt

My son asked me a while back to make him a Zen Garden. I wasn't sure how to go about it, but I knew it had to be small enough to fit on his desk, yet easy to put away when he was done 'relaxing'. This little gem is the culmination of his desire and my passion for creating, and the first thing he packed in his moving boxes on his way to college!

Instead of drinking with your friends at college to relax, how about a Zen Experience!?!

"Zen to Go!: Tranquility" measures 8.5" x 6.5" and is 1.5" deep, and displays the desired symbol on the sliding lid - which in this case is "Tranquility".

Makes a great GIFT!!

Alone, this character has a broad span of possible meanings. These meanings include relaxed, quiet, rested, contented, calm, still, to pacify, peaceful, at peace, soothing or soothed.. It really works and now we ALL have one! Not as lavish as this one, with it's handcrafted lacquered 'rake' and case, but they're all pretty nice! =D

"Zen-to-Go!: Tranquility"
is crafted from a recycled wooden pencil box with the Asian symbol carved in 1/4" Santos Mahogany. It comes complete with a red lacquered, hand-threaded 'rake', micro-burl 'temple'/mountain, 2 "Apache Tears" for good karma, and the finest 'sand' that you ever touched a rake or hand to!

After you're done with your 'meditating' you can place everything back in the case and close it up for later. Truly a uniquely relaxing experience, WHEREVER you are! =D

DeerMountainWood Art (Freida) donates 10% of the monthly sales to the Charity of the Month(EFA). She also helps the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, http://www.rmef.org (they help preserve the health and habitat for the elk and other wildlife) with annual item donations. Freida also works with her local Humane Society, www.canoncityhumanesociety.org/, helping with food drives and charity events. She's very happy to be able to help wherever she can and says, "Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we need to 'speak' on their behalf and use our resources and talents to ensure that they live a long, happy, peaceful, and healthy life!"

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