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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

C is for Canine Coat by SturmDM

C stands for canine (or doggy) coat.

This brightly colored doggy sweater will keep your pet not only warm, but safe. It will make him/her easy to see. I like the fiery colors that will also look good for autumn, but in any case, it could be worn year-round to fend off a chill.

I crocheted this little sweater/coat using red, yellow, orange and brown acrylic worsted weight yarn, then added two matching yellow buttons on either side for closure and for a little bit of style - and luck - I sewed on a pretty ladybug.
This coat is for small dogs as seen on the picture. It fits a little snug on my Pekingese, Gizzy, because he has a lot of hair, but it fits my neighbor's little Shih Tzu perfectly and she was such a patient little model. Thank you, Mitzi! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12691093

Once I begin to get sales, I plan on donating 10% to Penn State University for Honey Bee Research. The website I use is http://www.helpthehoneybees.com/ . I like that website because it's very informative and very userfriendly and colorful, a great site for the whole family to visit and learn from.

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  1. This is so cute - adorable model, too! Thanks for helping the honeybees.


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