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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

C is for "Cherished Bloom Cards" by EnsorcelledMinds

Most of my shop items are C's - CARDS! I made this one with a "C" sentiment for the August Team Challenge. Summer is a popular time for weddings and romance because people are getting out. It's a feel-good, happy time that just makes people want to "C"onnect with each other. I made this set with that in mind.

You can view the item in my Etsy store at:

50% of the proceeds from the sale of this card will go to the the Canadian Wildlife Federation - the EFA International Charity for August: http://www.cwf-fcf.org/en/

Ensorcelled Minds Inc. is a handmade greeting card and paper art company *from scraps to smiles*.

I support a local animal rescue called S.O.A.R. - Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) is a charity run by a small group of volunteers that rescues all breeds of dogs. There is a small section in my shop from which a portion of the sales will go to SOAR. In addition, I have started running small beginner card making workshops to benefit the charity.

My true passion is fabric because of the endless variety textures and prints but I am hopeless with it! So I turned to paper which, I find, often takes its colour and print clues from the fashion industry. Plus, for something that is 2D, you can get a surprising variety of texture from it! I have been a paper addict from childhoold and a scrapbooker for eight years. Card-making is are a great outlet for me when my scrapbooking projects start to feel too daunting!

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