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Thursday, August 07, 2008

C is for Cats Cuddling - by EndlessWhimsy

This is a note card with a matte photo of Stoli, my Russian Blue and Luxor, my Egyptian Mau - hugging! This photo was featured on the UK blog Daily Pets and our own Etsy Storque. The photo is printed on professional photo paper and is permanently attached with photo safe craft glue. The photo is signed and dated by moi with black pigment ink that is photo safe, acid free, archival, lightfast and waterproof; in other words - never-gonna-go-away ink!

You may be asking yourself, "why would I want a photo of someone else's cat?" Well, first of all - you must like cats if you are looking at this listing, and if you like cats you gotta realize that getting a shot like this is a 'once in a lifetime shot'. It's hanging on my wall - they had just had a rough-and-tumble then kicked back for some winks.

The photo is attached to a white blank note card (4" by 5 3/8"), made out of premium quality paper that is acid free. Note card comes with a matching white envelope.


We donate 10% of all cat themed purchases to a local feline rescue shelter, HART. The Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) is a shelter and adoption center for cats that has operated in Cumberland, Maine since 1997. They provide refuge, comfort, and medical attention to cats and kittens that have been surrendered, abandoned, injured, or abused, and find loving homes to adopt them.


  1. I love this photo - my cats would never do this (although Franklin would love to!) Yay for Stoli and Luxor.

  2. A photo is worth a thousand words. They are sweet loving and obviously loved creatures. Great capture :0)

  3. Such an adorable photo of two very precious and photogenic kitties. I've loved this photo since the first time I saw it. I can see why it would work so well as a note cards!


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