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Monday, October 18, 2010

Teachable Moment: Cats Make their Own Luck

Teachable Moment:
Cats Make Their Own Luck
written by Emily of yarnmiracle

In case you hadn't noticed, it's October. And that means cooler temperatures, pumpkins, hay (in my part of the country) and
Halloween. Halloween means candy, spiders, costumes and...

...Black Cats !

by olivetto

Superstitions centered around black cats are still some of the most popular today. But whether they indicate good luck or bad luck depends upon your geography! In North America, it's bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. In Britain and Japan, black cat crossings bring good luck. In Germany, it depends on the direction of the crossing (left to right is what you should hope for).

Ship's cats are particularly lucky if they are black - sailor's wives often kept black cats to ensure the safety of her husbands.

And I am sure you've all heard that black cats seek employment as witches familiars.

by TheRusticHome

Good luck associated with black cats include:
* Owning a black cat. (or having him own you)
* Having a black cat greet you at a door.
* Having a black cat enter your home.

Bad luck associated with black cats include:
* Meeting a black cat early in the morning. (before he's had his coffee)
* Having a black cat turn its back on you.
* Scaring a black cat away from your home.

by PawPrintsProject

If a black cat in your home is good luck, why are black cats only half as likely to get adopted as cats of any other color? Because of the scary witch thing? That's SO middle ages.

Maybe it's because their black coats blend so well with the shadows in their cages and makes it difficult for potential families to see their winsome ways. While the Bombay (known for its affectionate temperament and sturdiness) is the only black breed of cat, black fur has evolved independently in many breeds - the survival benefits of being able to hide in shadows are obvious!

There is also ongoing research to determine if cats with black coats are more resistant to disease than cats of other colors. If your black cat has auburn highlights, he's spent a lot of time in the sun!

by xandbloodwalker

Temple Grandin mentions in her book,
Animals Make Us Human, that black cats tend to be more social and friendly than cats of any other color. There have been a handful of studies on the subject and plenty of anecdotal evidence. So if you plan to adopt a cat from a shelter, look for a black one. He just might bring you good luck.

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  1. I have a black and white tuxedo cat, so I hope the "first thing in the morning" superstition doesn't apply to her. She sits on my chest and stares at me until I wake up, so she's *always* the first thing I see in the am!

  2. This is such a good message! I couldn't love Mosie, our adopted fluffy tuxedo, any more, and I'm pretty sure he brings luck, he definitely brings love and purrs!

  3. Great article! Thank you for including my Halloween Cat photo. I love my black cat :) She is the most friendly of all my kitties.

  4. This was great! I had no idea about all the positives for black kitties...hardy little fellows. So cool! And awesome art! Thanks!

  5. Very interesting. My (Scottish) granny only ever had all-black cats so I guess she must've thought they were lucky! Jx

  6. One of these days I will own a black cat! I own a black dog, and I think they'd make a great pair.

  7. Rasta my only black cat ever, remains in my heart forever as one of the most affectionate and personality plus I've ever had the pleasure of being owned by and I still miss his soothing purrs and big sloppy kisses. He was a true soulmate! 4 paws up for such a great aritcle!!


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