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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Calico Cat seeks home... Bronx, NY

Calico Cat seeks home
located in the Bronx, NY
Written by Lynn of LolaLynn

On a recent visit to the physical therapist a fellow patient, Donna, flipped open her cellphone and asked, "Would you be interested in adopting a calico cat?"

"This sweet kitty was left behind when the guy downstairs was evicted from his apartment by the marshalls. The landlord found her and put her out on the fire escape." Donna has been feeding her and caring for her ever since. This week it turned cold in New York City and she was in the process of preparing a shelter for her.

I must say I was tempted. She is so beautiful. She looks like one of the kitties in my ACEO, "Kitties in Love." But our 20 year old cat, Yogi, has already endured the introduction of wild boy Dubinsky (aka Dubi) into our household. I've offered to help Donna with catfood.

If anyone is interested in adopting this sweet Bronx Kitty or if you know of a reliable animal rescue organization in the Bronx, NY, please contact me: lynnhanousek@yahoo.com

Thanks so much !


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm in contact with Donna. She'll be taking her to the vet this week to see if she's been spayed and free of feline leukimia and aids. Just found out that the Bronx kitty is called "Brownie".

  2. Oh no. I'm from NYC and can get on the phone with family and friends to see if anyone can take her in if nothing pans out soon. Hang in there Brownie. You can reach me through the e-mail link on my blog should the need arise.

  3. So cute! Hope she finds a good home!

  4. Thank you Lynn for sharing, Brownie is so beautiful, paws crossed for a great new home! :) Thanks, Nicole, for posting!

  5. Yay! Good news. Brownie has a home. While Donna was in the vet's getting her checked out, a woman came by to see if the vet knew of any kitties up for adoption. She had just lost her 21 year old kitty 2 weeks before. When Donna opened the carrier for her to take a peek, Brownie came onto the woman's lap and fell asleep. Aw.......... A very happy ending for both! The vet told Donna that Brownie couldn't ask for a better home.


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