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Monday, October 25, 2010

Adopt a Shelter Dog: Opt to Adopt

written by Jane of thedoghouse

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October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month !

As adoptive Mum to my two rescue greyhounds, Max & Molly, & a strong advocate of greyhound rehoming, it would never occur to me to obtain a dog by any other means.

However, for anyone who hasn’t considered this option, here are 10 good reasons why you should Opt to Adopt:

#1 Shelter dogs need a second chance. Perhaps they grew bigger than their family was expecting, perhaps a new baby came along & became the priority, perhaps their owner became ill & could no longer look after them, perhaps they were a working dog whose services are no longer required... It is very rarely their own fault that they end up looking for a new home.

#2 Shelter dogs make extremely loyal pets. They know what it’s like to feel lonely & unwanted & will be eternally grateful for every ounce of love that you give them.

#3 Many shelter dogs are cross breeds, which tend to be healthier than pure bred animals due to their genetic diversity. They are less prone to the hereditary diseases which breeding closely related animals can result in.

#4 That said, many breed-specific rescues do exist, so if you have your heart set on that pug or cavalier king charles then you can still adopt!

#5 Shelter dogs’ temperaments are observed & tested prior to being put up for adoption, making it possible to find a companion who is the perfect match for you & your lifestyle.

#6 Furthermore, as many (but not all) shelter dogs are adult dogs, both their size & temperament have usually stabilised. So, unlike that cute little puppy that might grow into a manic giant, you know up front what you are taking on!

#7 Shelter dogs are not sold for monetary gain, & often only a small donation towards the running of the shelter is requested.

#8 What’s more, most shelters & rescue centres will have dogs neutered, wormed & flea’d & ensure their vaccinations are up to date before they go to their new owner, thus saving you money on vet bills. Some may microchip your pet too.

#9 Shelters will often remain in contact with you after adoption & can be an enormous source of support & advice whilst you & your new dog adjust to each other.

#10 Shelter dogs may not be perfect - they may carry some scars from their earlier years - but often the most interesting & beautiful things in life are not.

A shelter dog’s tail

Brandy, the family dog I grew up with, was adopted from the local pound. At under a year old, we think Brandy had probably been a Christmas puppy whose owners didn’t want him anymore once he started to grow up. Here he is on the day he arrived home with us:

Brandy may not have been perfect - he would never have won any prizes for obedience - however he was an ever present source of joy & comfort to each of our family members throughout the remaining 13 years of his life. I’ll always remember the way he gazed longingly through the kitchen window at us while we were eating our dinner:

Brandy was such a loyal dog & stuck with his ‘new’ family through thick & thin. I think he somehow knew the fate he had escaped the day my Mum picked him up from that pound, & he never stopped giving back. Here he is looking out to sea with us not long before he finally passed on:

Perhaps it’s because I was brought up with a dog adopted from a shelter, I know that I will keep on opting to adopt for the rest of my life. I hope you will consider it too.


  1. Fabulous article, Jane- THANKS so much !

  2. Happy to have contributed to the EFA blog Nicole. Thanks for publishing this. I hope I can lend my heart & home to many more 'shelter dogs' in the future. Jx

  3. Great reasons to adopt!! Well done Jane!

  4. Loved this article. Excellent reasons and wonderful pictures. Your Brandy looks like a dear...a testimony of love. Thanks!

  5. Just wonderful! Thank you Jane :) Happy to have my Sasha painting featured for such a great cause!

  6. Honored to have my work featured in such a wonderfully written piece , two of my Huskies came from shelters.Two Mals adopted me because they were less than show quality(as if they cared)they won my heart no contest, the last guy decided he'd rather quit the show world and get fixed so he could enjoy the recreational run in life instead of strutting his stuff in a ring.So in that sense I really did rescue him as well. Thanks Jane!


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