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Friday, March 18, 2011

Teachable Moment: Some Pig

Teachable Moment: Save a Spider, Save a Pig
Emily Ivey of Yarn Miracle

This month we celebrated March 1 as National Pig Day and March 14 as Save a Spider Day. Young Readers will find the best of both holidays in E. B. White's Charlotte's Web.

This classic novel for children is one of the best-selling paperbacks of all time. Charlotte, a barn spider, goes to great lengths to save a Wilbur the pig from the dinner table. By writing messages in her web praising Wilbur, Charlotte convinces the farmer that a pig's destiny could lie elsewhere.

"Some Pig"


People came from miles around to admire the outstanding pig. Elementary School Me was really bothered that Charlotte was given so little credit by the people who were only there to admire the pig. Who did they think was spinning the web?

The barnyard residents knew the truth of the story: even everyday creatures can be extraordinary.


  1. One of my favorite story books to read to my kids. Love the pig artwork here. Yay for spiders and pigs- two unlovables made into heroes!

  2. I agree !
    I LOVE Charlotte's web- both the pig and spider ROCK my world :)


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