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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EFA Team Treasury: The Vultures Return

'The Vultures Return' by kskjewelrydesigns

On March 20th, 2011 Hinckley, OH celebrates the return of the vultures with Buzzard Day! Everything below is somehow related to this wonderful bird. Please excuse my own inclusion, this is an EFA Team Treasury & there were only two of us with vultures. More vultures please. :) Hope you enjoy! ♥

Vulture 8x10 original canvas...

Goddess Spiral Notebook - Re...

Summer Flight - Bird and Aqu...

Mayan Choker With Tibetan Sk...

Bloodlust Luxury Perfumed Ro...

Isis stacked aqua azurite ha...

Golden Vermeil Wishbone with...

Falling Feather Necklace

Antique Pewter Cast 30x18mm ...

Egyptian Charmer Bracelet

Red Roses for My Love - 5x7 ...

Intricate Bone and Aventurin...

100 per cent MGR Lampwork G...

Red drops of blood from the ...

Spring Freedom - Feather in ...

Vulture Saves the World

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  1. a wonderful Treasury... congrats on your creativity and well done !

  2. Thank you so much! A lot of the selections had double connections to vultures, like the Mayan Choker because of the bone beads & because the Mayans revered the vulture, or Bloodlust for obvious reasons plus vultures have an incredible sense of smell, or Red Roses for My Love because of the smell & because the word for the Lappet-faced vulture in South Africa is the same as the word for lovers. A fun one for sure! I really appreciate you sharing this here. :)


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