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Thursday, March 10, 2011

EFA Team Treasury: Creepy and Crawly

'Creepy and Crawly' by knitbyvalerie

National Spider Day is on its way!

i figured 16 spiders might be too much on the faint of heart, so i tempered them with some dragonflies and grasshoppers (and one scarab beetle).


Silver Bullets and Spider Lo...

Antique Wood Clock Case Fore...

Smiling Dragonfly - Photo Gr...

Cat and Spider MUG

Busy Garden Spider - Fine A...

Set of 4 Natural History Ins...

Original spider design on fa...


Mormon Cricket - original AC...

Dragonfly King Fine Art Phot...

Spider Cardigan in Navy - Un...

The Sacred Scarab - New Canv...

Personalized Stephen Joseph ...

Large spider brooch

Dragonfly Journal - Ecofrien...

Grasshopper Necklace on Sale

Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.


  1. ...I'm not sure 'enjoy' is the right word here ;) but definitely fun!

  2. This is great! Thanks so much for including my grasshopper necklace!

  3. I'm not arachnophobic, but I love dragonflies, too. This is a wonderful Treasury! :)


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