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Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep Them Safe !

In honor of National Poison Pet Prevention Week: March 20-26

Keep them Safe !
written by Jennifer of JenniferLynnProducts

When you have one pet, care should be taken to make your house safe for him or her. When you have a house full, like my boyfriend and I do, you really have to childproof it. You can't keep your eyes on everyone at the same time, and inevitably, accidents are going to happen. Fortunately, I don't have any stories to relate about these kinds of accidents!

Shopping Cart Cover for Dogs

by Rendachs

Sadly, thousands of families per year do face this widespread problem. Even when people take what they think are the utmost precautions to protect their pets, accidents can happen. For instance, with household cleaners, paint thinners, pool chemicals, and even automotive chemicals, we may think the area in question is clean when we are finished, but many of these substances can, in fact, leave odorless, invisible residue behind.

Organic Sampler Basket

by PETfection

Even food can cause problems for our pets. Chocolate, in particular, is dangerous to pets, but did you know that even foods as innocuous to us as avocado, onions, salt, and milk can harm your pets, too? A lot of people like to give their animals table scraps, but this is actually not recommended, unless you limit it to foods you know are safe for your pets. Even pet foods can become dangerous when key nutrients are missing or when batches are tainted.

Watch what your pet chews on, licks, or plays with at all times. When I see my cats playing with something I don't recognize, I take great pains to find out what it is and take it away from them. (I have one cat who likes to tear the cheap coating off of my vinyl flooring and play with and chew on that! She's a crazy one!)

Signs that your pet may have been poisoned are vomiting, drooling, abnormal or agitated behavior, tremors or seizures, lesions or discoloration inside the mouth, or strong odors coming from the animal. If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, you can call an animal poison control center. (There are several to choose from.)

The rule in my house is “you can never be too careful.” I try to use only eco friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, and I keep things they shouldn't have locked up. We have pretty much baby proofed our house. All cabinets have the child safety locks on them, and I've even put outlet covers on the electrical outlets I don't use much or are located near my cats' favorite hangouts. I also don't let my cats outside.


  1. THANKS for sharing your resources, Jennifer !

  2. Wonderful article! "Safety First!" is our motto too. Now that you've mentioned about the outlet covers, I may just leave them on even after Ellie can be trusted not to stick her fingers in them.

  3. Lots of good info! And such great listings. Thanks!

  4. Great blog. My dog loves those treats.

  5. Thank you so much for including my treats. I love the article. Such good information. The thing I think most people don't think about is the residue from cleaners. If you use a wet swifter, you need to let the floor dry completely before your pet walks on it. Fantastic article. Thank you :)


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