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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

MAR 2011 EFA COTM: Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE)

MARCH 2011
Chosen by Jess of JessicaLynneArt
Photographs courtesy of PRoNE

All of my life I wished for a pug, but my family had a hectic schedule that didn’t allow much time for adopting a dog and giving him a good home.

After graduating from high school in 2008 I resolved to take the money that I received from family and friends as a graduation gift and use it to adopt a pug. As I began my quest, I discovered the Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE) and sent in an application, holding my breath until they contacted me.

At the end of June, I drove an hour to one of the wonderful foster homes that had just received a 5 month old male pug. The pug was all over me in an instant, showering me with kisses and love bites, and I knew right then that he was destined to be James Dean, my handsome little rebel.

James Dean

After adopting JD, I couldn’t get the other half a dozen or so foster pugs that were at the home out of my head. I knew that they were only a small fraction of the number of pugs who were rescued each year by PRoNE.

Some that I saw had been rescued from neglect and abuse, including one whose eyes had been burned and blinded by acid, and another who was emaciated and left on a beach to die. I couldn’t believe that people would do this to animals. My faith in humanity was a bit shaken, but then when I saw the warm and open hearts of PRoNE’s volunteers and foster parents who took care of these surrendered and rescued animals, my faith was restored.

Every year, PRoNE rescues approximately 100 or more pugs and cares for them until they can find loving Forever Homes for them. The organization is funded solely by donations and fundraising events and is supported by volunteers who work as caregivers, event organizers, pug transporters, application screeners, and other such important tasks. PRoNE takes in pugs of all ages and conditions and treats them to the best of their ability.


From 2010 to the present, there have been a few special cases that were brought to PRoNE. These pugs needed extra TLC and medical attention in order to improve the quality of life. In May 2010, a little pug named Bogart came to PRoNE with terrible eye and hip injuries that required pricey surgery. Bogart lost one of his eyes and had to have painful surgery to repair his hip, and began to recover nicely with the help of his foster parents.

Just after Bogart’s arrival, a puggle named Ricco was hit by a car and neglected by his owners until the Pug Rescue of New England came to his aid. He wasn’t even 2 years old at the time! Fortunately PRoNE got him the surgery that he needed.


More recently, just before Christmas, PRoNE helped an adorable little guy named Pudgey when he needed it most. Pudgey, at only 2 years old, was about to be put to sleep because his family could not afford to pay for bladder surgery that he needed badly.

The emergency facility brought Pudgey to PRoNE’s attention and they came to his rescue. PRoNE worked to help treat Pudgey so that he could avoid surgery and find a forever home with a family who could understand his physical and dietary needs. PRoNE saved Pudgey’s life and they have given this same special gift to pugs in need all over New England each year.


PRoNE’s most exciting fundraising event of the year is the Pug Social. Every October, hundreds of pugs and their families come together to raise money for the rescue by participating in contests and enjoying a day of dog-loving fun.

puggles of pugs gathering

This June, PRoNE will be having their first ever 5-K Run, which promises to be another wonderful event for animal lovers to attend in order to support a rescue that deserves thousands of pug hugs and kisses for all of the work that they do!

To find out more about PRoNE, please visit their website:


You can click HERE to make a donation to PRoNE or if you prefer, purchase an item from an EFA member that supports our COTM program, click HERE to view those listings !

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  1. What a wonderful organization - thanks so much for nominating them, congrats on winning & very best wishes with fund raising !

  2. This is so wonderful! At he beginning, so sad to hear of the condition of these little guys, but what a great place and how happy so many pugs are today because of Prone...awesome COTM!

  3. Aw, so precious! I'm glad was there to help all of these wonderful pugs!! Great charity!
    Thanks for choosing it Jessica!

  4. What a wonderful organization to be the March Charity of the Month! Thanks, Jessica, for sharing this information and pictures.


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