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Thursday, March 14, 2013

CedarHill and Me: a Testimonial by Sharon of SharonFosterArt

Cedarhill and me
a Testimonial

After a mere 28 years, I decided to move back to my small hometown. My vet’s office runs a rescue from which I adopted my two dogs. There I saw a collection box with a picture of a tiger on it - donations for Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary. I asked Pam, the Office Manager about Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary. I was amazed when she told me about them and what they do. 

Already a member of Team EFA at the time, I wanted to start raising money to help Kay and the animals. So I began to paint some little pieces of art, selling them on Etsy and donating all the proceeds to Cedarhill.  I’ve been donating to them for about 8 years now. 

Kay and I would email and I would get their monthly news letter. I knew that visitors were rare to Cedarhill because the animals had already had stressful lives and needed peace, quiet and great care. Then after several years, I got the email and I was invited to visit ! I loaded up on cat toys and went to visit the sanctuary.  

CedarHill is amazing. It is nicer than some zoos that I have visited. Arthur, the pig, was already a favorite of mine and I knew of his antics via the newsletter and web postings. I was able to tour, play with the domestic cats, meet Arthur, and just overall bask in all the wonderfulness. 

The enclosures are well-built, extremely sturdy and provide play and exercise areas. Kay realizes that the animals are still animals, wild in their nature. Another fabulous thing about Cedarhill is that nearby Mississippi State University has a School of Veterinary Medicine and the students get to learn about exotics first hand. 

Although Kay has had personal health issues she always manages to put the animals and their care first. In the “keeping it real department” -- early last Saturday morning I was driving by Cedarhill on the way to a show in Alabama and there was Kay out in the field where the pigs and horses live, shoveling poop. 

So check out CedarHill's website and know that it's all real and that the animals are well cared for and honored. 




  1. Sharon, it's amazing what Kay has done and so wonderful you are helping her and the animals with your beautiful art!

  2. I checked the video out, amazing works that Kay and her team have done. Keep up the great work!


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