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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Quick Hello - Good bye Tour of CedarHill's Little Cats

A Quick Hello - Good bye Tour
of CedarHill's Little Cats !

Photos courtesy of CedarHill & SharonFoster
Italic text by Jan Swoope: read more

There are close to 200 domestic cats that reside at CedarHill Animal Sanctuary... and although March is rapidly coming to a close- its never too late to say a quick "miow miow" hello to the domestic felines that grace the premises with our Charity of the Month...
"The domestic cats of Cedarhill are, in general, divided between two houses, one for senior and disabled cats, and another for the junior residents. Inside, cats of every hue and pattern sleep on "people" beds and sofas that no one will ever shoo them from."

"Each cat is spayed or neutered. Their facilities are outfitted with climbing towers, pet beds and plenty of cat doors to the sun porch and large yard filled with toys. Visitors are showered with all the feline affection one could ask for."

"Like the big cats, their stories are often heartbreaking. Some have diabetes, some are blind or have neurological disorders. But each has a name and is cared for daily."

There is no doubt in my mind that CedarHill Animal Sanctuary is an exceptional place for rescued animals to live out their days in peace and with love & affection. 

THANKS CedarHill for all that you do ! 




  1. Absolutely amazing! Our Kittyville has 29 cats, many with special needs. The folks here are dedicated feline caregivers.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place! I'm so happy these cats are getting the love and kindness they deserve.

  3. What a beautiful, clean facility they have and the cats look so healthy and well cared for!


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