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Thursday, May 24, 2012

UP ON TRENDS: In the Garden by AlteredGirl

written by Rebecca of AlteredGirl

Trend - In The Garden

Gardening and garden themes for merchandise are HUGE right now due to the emergence of spring and the official gardening season in many places right now! April, May and June are prime time for starting vegetable, herb, and flower gardens not to mention planting trees and several farm crops. I've decided again this week to focus on just one trend because Etsy For Animals members have so many wonderful items for sale that fit in with this trend. Below are just a few of them.

This beautiful painting depicts a wonderful garden scene!

This lovely garden stone featuring a dragonfly 
design looks almost too good to keep outdoors!

These cute earrings would be perfect for 
a garden party or any other spring event!

These bright buttons remind me of a 
warm spring day in the garden!

The pink flowers almost pop off the 
paper of this beautiful little work of art!

This is just one of many beautiful 
garden-inspired items by ArtByMarilyn!

Tagging Ideas for Garden items: 
green, grow, nature, plant, botanical, 
cultivate, ornamental, fertile


  1. Oh how pretty! They showcase spring perfectly (and I want one of everything ;o)

  2. Those are such lovely items! I miss my large flower gardens terrible. I sure hope I can one day resume...

  3. Beautiful selection of products- THANKS so much for including one of Brizel's czech glass buttons !

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments! It's really easy to find items to showcase in the column, we have soooo many great sellers with wonderful items on Team EFA!!!


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