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Friday, August 12, 2011

The DOG of Dog Days

The DOG of "Dog Days"

original poem by Patty of DogBarks

In ancient times,

the Chinese folk and Europeans, too,

Connected stars, like dot to dot,

then named the things they drew.

We know these now as

'constellations' with 88 to see,

But one group more than all the rest,

brought "Dog Days" into being.

The brightest star in all the sky,

how glorious it shines!

The Great Creator chose its place

within the BIG Canine!

The Romans thought that Sirius,

with all its radiant might,

Must add extra heat to earth,

because it was so bright.

The Dog Star, in the summertime,

does travel with the sun.

He walks with Sun across His path

until the day is done.

This double dose of heat put forth,

the ancients were quite sure,

Caused a stretch of sultry days,

as long as Dog did tour.

So in July when night has come,

and in the sky you see,

The brightest star upon

the chest of Dog shine brilliantly,

Be certain he is nudging leash

and collar from their rest

For 40 days of walking beside Sun

from east to west!

Adjustable Collar by GabAttack

Today, the "Dog Days of Summer"

are designated as July 3rd to August 11th.

Tune in for more exciting
canine features & articles
throughout the month of August
celebrating EFA's Dog Days Festival !


  1. So FABULOUS, Patty !
    THANKS so much :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the collar feature :)

  3. You did a great job, once again, Nicole! Thanks!

  4. Love the poem and thanks for including my cards too!


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