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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brandy the Puppy... A Children's Story Book

Brandy the Puppy...
A Children's Story Book
written by Jess of JessicaLynneArt

When I was a little girl, I wanted a puppy more than most kids want a pony or a Barbie backpack for back-to-school. Unfortunately, due to my parents’ jam-packed work schedules, I couldn't have the furry friend that I wished for. I spent my energy imagining what it would be like to have a dog. I often went to my aunt’s and grandmother’s homes and fell in love with their three faithful mutts, Mocha, Baby, and Brandy.


In fourth grade, I was given the assignment to write a short story, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to write about animals. I brought a bit of imagination and reality together and put them into my short story.

I wrote "Brandy the Puppy" at the age of 8, borrowing the pup’s name from my aunt’s dog, who I absolutely adored. When the holiday season rolled around, I spent hours printing and stapling over two dozen copies of my story into manila folders and gave one to each member of my family as a Christmas gift.

I was so proud of my work and to this day I feel connected in a very special way to this piece of writing. Now, over 10 years later, I have rediscovered my story and decided to publish it for other children to enjoy!

"Brandy the Puppy" is the short story of a girl who finds an abandoned dog and decides to give him a new life. Together they face some interesting situations and become a happy family as Brandy finds his place in his forever home. The story, aside from a few grammatical corrections and tweaks, is the very same story that I wrote as a child, so children will find it easy to relate to.

As a college student studying literature, it is so much fun for me to see how my writing has progressed from a childhood hobby into my future career. It has always been my ambition to bring a bit of happiness to others with my work, and that is the goal at the center of this tale.

We all know how much fun dogs can be, but as puppies they certainly get into some mischief! Here is an excerpt from “Brandy the Puppy” to give you a glimpse at the sorts of adventures that he takes his young owner on:

‘A few weeks after Brandy came to stay, he caused a bit of trouble. While I was taking him for a walk, he suddenly saw a raccoon. He began to run and I lost the leash. I chased Brandy into the woods until I caught him, but then I got scared because we were lost. “Oh no, Brandy! I don’t know the way home!” I cried. I got very scared and was glad to have Brandy with me, but I was mad that he had gotten us lost.

After a long time, I began to get sleepy. I put my backpack on the ground and used it as a pillow and fell asleep with Brandy by my side to protect me. After a short time, the sound of a cat meowing woke me up. It was beginning to rain and the little black kitten was crying while she looked for shelter. I took the cat and Brandy and ran until I saw a small house with a porch. The porch had a roof and was empty, so I decided to wait there until the rain stopped.’

Just what will happen to this trio? Will they ever get home? Well, it is a children’s book, so let’s just say that there must be a way for our adventurous pooch and his friends to discover a “happily ever after”.

10% of the profits from this book

will be donated to The Pug Rescue of New England!

PRONE was EFA's COTM in March 2011

& It is currently one of

August's COTM Anything Goes Charities.

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  1. What a cute story; and an adorable dog! I had many of the same fantasies about horses growing up. It took 34 long years before I actually got a horse for my very own, but it was definitely worth the wait ;o)


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