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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ALL EFA Team Treasury: The Many Faces of DOG

'The Many Faces of DOG' by brizel4TheAnimals

Team EFA is celebrating our canine friend this month... here are a great many dog faces for all to behold. Hail to the dog !

dedicated to Jasmine

Pet Dog Portrait made to ord...


German Shepherd Dog Fine Art...

11 x 14 in Custom Pet Portra...

Sock Monkey dog hat

Red Dachshund, Fine Art Prin...

Dog Hat - Custom Snuggly Hat...

Reiki Healing for Pets 30 Da...

Open Edition Print of French...

Rottweiller Print 8x10

Great Dane signed dog pet an...

Labrador Retriever - Needle ...

Original Watercolour 11x14 -...

SALE Blue Boxer 8 x 10 Digit...

Pembroke Welsh Corgi 8.5 x 1...

pet art collie mix eye art

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

1 comment:

  1. yeah dogs! Thanks for letting my work be a part of this.. I really love the pug hats.. I wish my dogs would wear hats without eating them.


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