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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EFA Team Treasury: Feelin' kinda mean

'Feelin' kinda mean' by WolfBANGbullets

I adore the wonderful Etsians who express the mean streak in their art - be it jewelry, paintings and drawings, creepy dolls, etc.


Thanks to everyone in this treasury for making me smile when I am feelin' kinda mean. heh heh heh

Lizzie Borden - Wooden Handp...

Leather Steampunk Costume SE...

Tooth and Nail

Angry Birds Edible Toppers -...

Vintage Bulldog Planter to b...

Original Painting - Modern A...

Puppy Skull and Crossbones E...

Wicked ... Colorful Swarovsk...

Vampire skull bead, pendant...

Bad to the Bone - 1.5" ...

Hateful Spirits 11x14 giclee...

I came, I saw, I ridiculed. ...

SALE Red Riding Hood and the...

Screaming Brown Asian Japane...

cuss out the roses

Blood Red Bat Necklace- SALE

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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