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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bright Eyes-Dog Postage Stamp Collage

This lovely stamp collage is another delight from arfarfmeowmeow and this one will appeal to every dog lover! The Bright Eyes-Dog Postage Stamp Collage is mounted under a layer of clear Baroque Glass. It measures 2" x 3" and features scalloped edging of silver solder that delicately echoes the edging of the doggie stamp. The back is a piece of recycled copper and has a eye ring for attaching beads. It's just so cute!

SHIPPING : arfarfmeowmeow ships for free in the US and everywhere. You may contact arfarfmeowmeow directly for product information by convoing her

All proceeds (less shipping and transaction expenses) will be donated to the charity of the month and our thanks go to arfarfmeowmeow for her continued support of EFA.

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