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Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Dolphin by wumpus

A beautiful and thoughtful statement is captured in this elemental little Baby Dolphin created by wumpus in response to the loss of another of the Earth's valuable species, the Yangtzee Dolphin, which was declared Extinct on 12th September 2007.

wumpus tells us : "Made of polymer clay, this pensive dolphin measures 2.25" long, 1" tall and 1" wide, and I glazed her with glitter to cheer her up a little bit."

About wumpus :- "Is that a tombstone watering another tombstone...? A slice of toast? A robot? It's a Wumpus, a magical creature that is curious about all the wonderfully silly things in life, loves to play and vows to never grow up.

When the days get too serious, the wumpus in me begs to jump out and be silly giddy happy. I love hiding out and creating imaginary friends and telling stories about them. They often materialize in the form of drawings, photos, polymer clay creatures, short stories, and live on tee shirts, post cards, stickers, and whatever other crazy stuff I come up with.

I also love taking cell phone photos of random things and they often become beautiful abstract images, a little eerie and mysterious at times. Prints of these photos coming soon...

I also do commissioned work - see Commissioned Work section and convo me."

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