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Thursday, May 30, 2013

May COTM: FOP Testimonial by Andrea

A COTM Testimonial
Through the Eyes of a Volunteer
by Andrea
... is our May Charity of the Month
nominated by Andrea of EveryDogsDelight

Friend of Pets (FOP) is a diverse, eclectic group of incredibly, big-hearted people.  Volunteering for them was a gift in my life. This was unlike any other animal rescue organization I had volunteered for. They have it TOGETHER!

Vintage Alaskan Eskimo Figurine
by TheAnimalsMagicShop

My first meeting was with Leelani French, the Volunteer and Master of Event Coordinator. If you wanted to volunteer, training IS, no questions asked, REQUIRED. No if’s ands or buts! I soon found she was a multi-tasking dynamo. I loved her! She shared her wealth of knowledge with me which I found refreshing.  She was always upbeat, buzzed around like a tornado with purpose! She knew how to set up for an event like butter on rye toast. Every move was coordinated and I couldn’t get enough! We became fast friends and are so today. 

FOP attends many community events like Kid’s Day, at the Egan Convention Center, on an annual basis. The Reading Rendezvous is one of my favorite events because kids could read to FOP’s dogs! I loved both events because Angus was always invited. He was the ultimate in a laid-back dog. He’d lie there patiently as kids and parents would come up to our booth; ask questions about him like “Is he up for adoption?” I would always smile and say he already has a forever home with me BUT we have lots more of wondrous animals waiting for adoption. Angus was petted and loved on at these events for hours.  

Kid's T-shirt by TheDogHouse

Our booths have a legion of information. From spaying/neutering to behavioral solutions for cats and dogs; advice on how to best re-home your pet (instead of automatically dropping them off at Animal Control). Information is available on how to persuade a property manager into accepting pets to showing folks that there are many others solutions to declawing (surgically removed the complete NAIL & 1st DIGIT of the feline’s finger joints). Also in the kitty is a long list of places pet-friendly rentals & grief counseling! One of the things I was impressed with was the fact that FOP only charges the adopter the COST of rescuing the animal from Animal Control! Before the dog or cat is adopted out, they are spayed or neutered, all medical needs met, vaccinations, microchipping AND license is INCLUDED!  Amazing, you say.  IT IS! 

Adopt A Cat
pendant by ScrappyRat

I cannot begin to list all of what FOP accomplishes in totality. I can tell you, I have attended several board meetings, to gain insight to the inner workings of FOP. From the beginning of their non-profit status in 1989, a board was put in place to establish checks and balances. Seeing the “big” picture helped me to understand the extraordinary commitment these board members/ volunteers make to FOP. All work full-time in addition to volunteering many hours to FOP weekly. Some are retired like me; some are young and some are our elders. Quite an amazing stew of experience, knowledge, wisdom and love! 

Typography Art
Original by KneeDeepOriginals

The next volunteer that amazed me was Marg. She is a walking encyclopedia on cat behavior.  Any question could be answered by her with a multitude of sources. She is truly an incredible woman. She is the Office Manager in addition and keeps the FOP office running like greased lightning! 

Another longtime volunteer, Michele, has an incredulous heart. She always has a multitude of adoptables in her care. I remember walking my dogs in the woods of Alaska. I stopped and blinked in awe the first time I saw her. She had 4-6 dogs, under complete control, getting their exercise!  She is the female dog whisperer!  She is also our main rescuer. FOP rescues many animals that have been abused, neglected, are old and have medical conditions. She has this innate ability to read the animals and link them to their best “human”. Plus she has a heart of gold and is the most patient person I have ever met.

I wish I could tell you about each volunteer individually but it would take DAYS! Personally working with and getting to know the web of volunteers of FOP has enriched my life beyond my dreams!!

Blissful Dreams
Original Pastel Drawing by Terikor

I thank all of the volunteers with much gratitude for saving many canine and feline of lives.  Please visit their website at www.friendsofpets.org for much more information!!!



  1. What a wonderful organization; would that all rescues were so well run. A very worthy cause indeed. Great post Andrea! :o)

  2. Very impressive work! The reading rendevous with the kids reading to the dogs made me smile. Friends of Pets sounds like the ideal role model for similar organizations - realy enjoyed reading this Andrea!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous organization to volunteer for. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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