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Thursday, July 19, 2012

UP ON TRENDS: Tribal and Native Inspirations by AlteredGirl

Presentation by Rebecca of AlteredGirl

Tribal and Native Inspirations

Native and tribal inspired designs and products have made a resurgence as of late in fashion, art, interior design and more. Bright, bold colors and graphic geometrics are especially popular with influences from different native cultures around the world, most notably the American Southwest and South American regions. Etsy for Animals Team members have many wonderful items that reflect this trend.

A few are featured below:

This beautiful journal features a gorgeous 
tribal pattern in black, red & earth tones!

This lovely necklace features a tribal design &
is inspired by the popular television show 'Bones'!

The Hawaiian Print on this blanket replicates 
a native pattern with geometric and repeating patterns!

This painting features a mischievous bear 
wearing a "borrowed" Native American feather headdress!

This lovely table runner features geometric designs 
combined with different tribal symbols!

This charming little box features 
a native animal and vegan silk fibers woven together 
resembling a native geometric pattern!

Tagging ideas for this trend:  

native american, 
 south america.


  1. LOVE this theme and there are some awesome items here... THANKS for including one of Brizel's silk tapestry art boxes- 10% goes to Team EFA's COTM upon sale !

  2. You did a great job as always! Thank you for including us!!

  3. thanks for featuring my Nazca Lines Table Runner, It was made in response to our Red Road Team's challenge issued by our leader Kicking Bear who is a Cherokee Elder.All the answers for surviving our future already lay in the past if we are willing to listen..

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