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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FUNDRAiSER for Zeus, Dog Hero


Zeus, a five-year-old, Doberman pinscher was shot in the face by an intruder at the McCaskill household at the end of June. Zeus first heard the intruder enter the family’s yard and started barking profusely at the back door. The dog’s owner, Henry McCaskill, let the dog out the back door not realizing that an intruder was on the premises. The owner then reported hearing a gun shot before even reaching Zeus. 

The bullet broke the dog’s jaw and several teeth, and also damaged his neck and shoulder. The bullet has been removed and Zeus is recovering from surgery but the family needs help with the vet bills, which is approximately $3500.00.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has set up a fund to help- for updates click here

Checks may be mailed to the Humane Society of Louisiana, P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA 70174. Please write "Zeus Medical Fund" in the check memo space so that the funds are forwarded to Zeus’s account specifically.

One may also donate online at www.humanela.org or over the phone at 1-888-6-Humane.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting!

    FYI: Humane Society of Louisiana does accept paypal payments. Click on the paypal logo @ http://www.humanela.org/donate.htm

    When you are at Paypal, click on the add note to seller and type "Zeus Medical Fund" so that the humane society will hold those funds for Zeus.

    There is also an option to donate to Zeus specifically via credit card.


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