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Sunday, October 16, 2011

EFA COTM Weekly Treasury: Which Came first?

'Which Came First? Team EFA COTM' by susanneedlehands

In honor of World Egg Day, this week's Etsy for Animals Team Charity of the Month Treasury features eggs and the wonderful animals that lay them. Boc-boc-be-doc!

Walking on Flowers, Fine Art...

2Birds 2Eggs Made to order

Blue Birds PADDED iPhone / i...

Mandarin Duck - Wildlife Art...

Peace Fine Art Photo

Blue Birds Etsy Shop Busines...

Bird oil painting reproducti...

Cherry Blossoms and Bird Gre...

Vintage Bird Turkey Brooch M...

Above it All 8x8

Dove of Peace - Dona Nobis P...

Retro Farm Box silk tapestry...

Fly...Fly...Fly away home ha...

Cat Pillow Sachet Pin Cushio...

Bird nesting material in cag...

Woodpecker in the Woods orig...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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  1. Wonderful Treasury! I especially like the Mandarin Duck!


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