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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

COTM Update: BARC! Food Pantry

The BARC! Food Pantry
a COTM update

When there is economic hardship in an area, the number of abandoned and surrendered animals sky rockets. With the hurricanes, oil spills and other disasters that have affected our area of the Gulf Coast in the past few years, many families are struggling simply to keep their homes.

Recognizing that one of the most common reasons to abandoning a pet is simply not having the funds for food, BARC! began partnering with local food pantries in 2010 to ensure that our county's furry residents also have enough to eat.

In that first year, BARC! provided more than 16 tons of food to cats and dogs in need !
The BARC! Pet Food Pantry is funded solely by donations; they accept any brand of dog/cat food, treats and litter. They invite local groups and schools to host pet food drives at any time!
Animal shelters are full, foreclosures are still prevalent and pet parents are having to make tough, heart-breaking decisions they never thought they would have to make” said Sonja Presley, BARC! Executive Director in an interview last year. “To counter that, we established the first-ever pet food pantry in this region; 58% of the families at Prodisee Pantry (an established area food bank) need pet food.

To find out more about the Baldwin County Humane Society... please visit their website here: BaldwinHumane.org. You can also: Find BARC! on Facebook and Follow BARC! on Twitter


by Team EFA's COTM Leader

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  1. THANKS for the update, emily ! This is a really SUPER program !!!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful initiative!

  3. What a fabulous idea! Really something all shelters should consider.

  4. This is great! We have a similar program in Cincinnati!


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