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Friday, July 15, 2011

I LOVE Horses Day

I LOVE Horses Day
written by Holley of PawPrintsCouture

How does one celebrate National I Love Horses Day, you may ask; and I have a list of fantastic things to show your appreciation for the most majestic of animals !

On your own, go out on a limb and do some of the following: Show your horse or a foster horse some love and kindness. Take along a bag of carrots, apple slices or horse treats. If you have your own horse or access to a horse, go for a nice ride, praise your horse along the way, then give them a nice wash down and grooming session (they will love you forever, which they do anyway!).

Another really good thing you could do to celebrate this great holiday is find a local horse rescue center and volunteer your time to groom and love on the rescue horses (don’t forget the treats!) Finally, if time doesn’t permit your participation in any of the above, “adopt” a horse with a donation at one of your local rescue centers. Their lives depend on the kindness of people like us!

If you are looking for something more involved, check out the following listings for a summer camp for kids, an I Love Horses Day Party and free e-cards to celebrate with your friends.

The Florida Carriage Museum and Resort along with the Equine Heritage Institute has a Summer Camp for Kids based on this holiday. For additional information, please visit www.fcmr.org and find out how you and your child can participate in this excellent program.

If you are near Smithville, Texas, join the Park and Rec department for a National I Love Horses Day Party. Visit www.wix.com/smithvillepard/home/page-3 for all the information you need to join the fun !

Lastly, send your friends a free e-card from www.care2.com. They have a wide array of beautiful free cards to send to the horse lovers in your life ! Etsy artisans have some lovely horse cards also, be sure to check these out !

Take a moment to read this quote as it describes our horse friends to a “T”. It is very thought provoking and explains exactly why a horse is a human’s best friend.

Nobility with Pride,

Friendship without Envy,

Beauty without Vanity.

The Horse by

Ronald Duncan, 1954

Happy National I love Horses Day !

And until next year….

Give a horse some love !

Holley from PawPrintsCouture

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  1. I love all of these listings! And what fabulous suggestions. I don't have horses anymore, but did for years and remember those many many happy rides together and the birth of new little ones - so precious!


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