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Friday, July 01, 2011

Fireworks Safety for Pets

Fireworks Safety for Pets
Happy 1st, 4th or 14th!
from the safety conscious Yarn Miracle

July seems to be THE month for noisy celebration! While many many people in many many nations enjoy fireworks, many many many pets do not. Animal shelters see a marked increase in stray animals in July because so many panic and run from the noise, smell and sight of fireworks. Take a few easy steps to ensure that your furry family members feel secure and stay safe during the holidays!

  • Don't take your pet with you when you go to see a fireworks display! It is completely understandable that you want to include all of your family members in the fun, but the noise and commotion can be disorienting and frightening for pets. They will be much happier at home.

  • If you live in a neighborhood where home fireworks are legal (or likely), create a 'safe room' where your pet will be sheltered from noise and flashing lights. Pull curtains, turn on a light and maybe even run the TV as a noise dampener. That way you pet has a den to hide in if there is too much excitement. If your pet already worries about loud noise like thunder, you might want to consult your vet about ways to reduce his stress, or even stay home with him during the festivities.

  • If you are planning a home fireworks display, keep your pets inside and never EVER set off an explosion or light sparklers near your pet. Be extra careful to do a clean-up sweep of your yard before letting your pets back outside. Dogs eat all kinds of strange things, don't let them nom the spent Roman Candles.

  • Before you go out, spend a little time pet-proofing your home. Anxious animals can be destructive animals, so pick up anything you'd rather not have chewed or shredded as your pet worries.

  • DON'T leave your pets outside and unattended! Even with a fenced yard, animals can panic, escape, and get lost or injured while they are trying to hide.

  • Always make sure that your pet is wearing identification. If your pet should become lost, an up-to-date ID tag might save his life. Microchips are also an excellent idea.

  • If you absolutely must be outside with your pet, make sure to have him on a sturdy leash or in a crate the entire time.

July can be a great month for people and pets, take care to keep your entire family safe and happy during the celebrations!

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  1. Great tips! Hope everyone AND their pets have a safe and FUN 4th of July.


  2. Be safe everyone! thanks for showing my flag collar

  3. Excellent! I have been hearing fireworks for days in this rather closely situated neighborhood AND barking dogs! I hope they all follow your advice!

  4. Great post... and wonderful items included within it!


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