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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on Etsy.com

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

weekly Animal Petitions Corner

Written by Alicia of WoodsEdge

1. Help Save the Sumatran Tiger

There are only an estimated 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild who are listed as critically endangered. Their habitat is being destroyed and the ones who are left remain vulnerable to poachers and humans who are moving in on their territory. Asia Pulp & Paper is one of the companies responsible for destroying critical habitat to make products for packaging, used by companies including Mattel.

Send a letter to Mattel asking them to take a stand for these endangered big cats and ditch Asia Pulp & Paper.


2. Tell the Australian Parliament Killing Camels Isn’t a Good Way to Go Green

The Australian government is proposing a mass camel cull in an effort to cut carbon emissions. The amount of greenhouse gases camels produce, one ton, is nothing compared to the 564 tons Australia’s coal powered industries produce annually. Killing camels is a cruel and wasteful attempt to clean up the environment.

Sign the petition asking Australian Parliamentary Secretary to reconsider this plan and fund reform for carbon-emitting industries instead.


3. Wolves Return to Washington, Help Keep Them Safe

Wolves have finally made a return to Washington state, which marks a big moment for wolf restoration and conservation. The state has begun reviewing a plan for wolf management, but will only allow 15 breeding pairs and is falling short on what’s needed to allow populations to make a full recovery in the state.

Send a letter to Washington’s governor asking for a sustainable and scientifically based plan that will allow wolves to thrive.


Help the Animals
please make the time
to take 1-2-3 actions
this week !

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