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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best of Days

Best of Days
by Nita of PointyPaws & ApacheMoon

We have a big -old- building/shop where we keep tractors and mowers and miscellaneous junk... Last fall, the shop doors were inadvertently left open for a day or two. When Verge went to close them, there was a pair of anxious vultures in the loft of the building.

Well... just so as you know... we have 42 special needs animals (mostly cats, dogs, & horses) so you could say that we are big time suckers for critters...

We decided to cut a “Buzzard Door” over the doors to the shop so the vultures could get in and out when the front shop doors were closed. It worked because they have been coming & going very regularly since that time !

A couple of weeks ago, we began only seeing one buzzard at a time each time we saw them... We grew concerned.This week, when Verge went into the shop to get the tractor, this little guy came out waddling to him from the back of the shop. Verge was reticent to touch the baby for fear that the mother might reject him. So, he eventually started the noisy tractor and left.

When Verge returned later with a camera, the little guy ran away and hid from him. The picture above is that of the little buzzard baby hiding among some of the junk in the back corner of the shop. Verge took the picture with A LOT of zoom so it is quite fuzzy... but then so is the baby. He has no real feathers as of yet.

I think he is sweet !


  1. I never saw a baby vulture before - he's actually quite cute!

  2. Oh, how cute is that baby!!!
    Keep us posted!

    So wonderful of you to make a "buzzard door"!


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