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Monday, April 04, 2011

BunFest - Humane Society of the Treasured Coast

A day all about Rabbits &
the people that love them !

Sara Kyle, Animal Care Associate from the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, is very excited about BunFest:

"We are going to be having an event called “BunFest” on June 18th 2011. It’s all about rabbits, it includes: Rabbit Spa, Bunny Olympics, Rabbit Education, Spay and Neuters, Adoptable Rabbits and Critters, Toys & Treats, Bunny Glamour Shots.

We are also going to have a raffle to help generate some money to help us continue to provide the Rabbits and other small exotics with quality hay and pellets!

If there is any way that your members can help support this event and provide us with any product donations for the raffle, educational materials & samples for us to help you generate new clients it would be greatly appreciated."

So... the Humane Society of the Treasured Coast, Inc, in Palm City Florida are looking for donations for their wonderful event: BunFest ! Please send your donation by June 4th... (click flyer for mailing address).

Sarah will be making 7 gift baskets for the event (just in case you have a small something that can fit in there... for example: i'm going to send 7 little bundles of apple wood chew sticks which will fit nicely in the baskets :)

Sarah will provide tax-exemption receipts - be sure to state value of the item and your name and address. Also, please remember to report the value of your donation to Team EFA so that we can include it in our yearly member donation total.


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