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Saturday, November 20, 2010

EFA HOLiDAY GUiDE for kitty friends... part one

EFA HOLiDAY GUiDE for Kitty friends !

A PURRfect Meowy Christmas

by Patty of Catcalls

Hi friends ! We kitties are getting purrrrticularly excited these days as our humans start to bring out all those fun Christmas decorations ! We love this holiday as much as you do but since we are felines, we have to celebrate in our own way.

So we thought it would be a good idea to share some helpful information from our popular book, "How to Avoid Holiday CATastrophes". If you follow these few suggestions, you will guarantee yourself a Merry Christmas... cuz if the cat's not happy- NOBODY'S happy!

1. Real Christmas trees are more dangerous to cats than fake plastic ones. Pine needles can puncture our internal organs if eaten, and they are also toxic! If you get a real tree, try to find one that doesn't shed !

2. Tinsel is a big no-no for us ! It gets in our tummies and can cause blockages- ooohhh pain !

3. Chocolate is toxic ! It has icky unpronounceable stuff called methylxanthines and theobromides. Some of my friends have gotten very sick from it. Please don't let us have any !

Twinkle Toes Christmas blank cards

by danacarol

4. Mistletoe, Holly, and Poinsettias sure are pretty-- BUT...better put them somewhere where we can't get a taste of them. They're poisonous !

5. If you need to decorate our windows, better to use paper cut outs than that artificial snow spray- another nasty poison !

And now for the good stuff !

1. Please play with us ! It's fun to see company, but remember we love you too, and need some attention. We can get nervous and get into things if we are neglected.

2. For you big time "Deck the Halls" peeps, can you give us our own room to play in ? A safe room for us to retreat to with all our own toys, bed, food and water ? Then you can entertain your friends while we feel happy and safe in our own spot.

Custom Pet Portrait Ornament

by KimbasCritters

3. On Christmas morning, make sure we have our own stocking of goodies ! It's so fun to wake up and run downstairs to see our name on one with all kinds of permissables packed inside !

In fact...our friend, Michele, has put together a whole bunch of fantastic ideas for you to get for us !!! These are all safe, fun, and purrrrrfect gifts to help us have a Meowy Christmas !

curated by mvegan5
click HERE to visit Treasury !

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  1. LOVE the pictures!! Such a pretty kitty with the Boa On! *writing all the tips down..... POUR Kitty didnt tell us these rules M.O.L.!!

  2. Oh my gosh... that kitty collar is so cute, and what a beautiful photo! Great job on the treasury too!

  3. Love it! & lots of good advice too. Jx

  4. This looks awesome! That treasury is full of such fun things for the kitty stockings!

  5. Love all the pics!! So cute!
    Great article Patty as always, full of lots of info for the furry parents!!!

  6. Excellent reminders on how to keep your cat safe Patty and what a beautiful treasury of cat gifts Michele's put together! Enjoyed this post very much!

  7. Is there any way we can get a Share button up here - rather than me cutting and pasting a link into FB and Twitter? I know it would ring ina heap of people to the EFA blog who I know are animal people in a big way. I loved this article and our cats all give it a paw up!!

  8. Oh love this a lot!! Sadly I don't have a kitty now but my dogs wouldn't allow it,and no cat in it's right mind would want to share digs with these guys either..good idea on listing the kitty NO NO's for the holidays, Thanks for such a great write up! can't wait for the one on DOGS !!

  9. Delightful and informative. Every cat lover needs to read this.

  10. This was a great post. Thank you.
    I love the pretty items too. I am off to check the portrait ornament. How cute.
    Diana and the Gs.


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