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Saturday, November 27, 2010

EFA HOLiDAY GUiDE for kitty lovers... part two

Part Two of...

EFA's Holiday Gift Guide for Kitty Lovers

curated by mvegan5
in collaboration with catcalls

Click HERE to visit Treasury !

featuring EFA members:
yarnmiracle, brizel4TheAnimals, Sarious101,
FeaturingAnimals, kittyemprie3, sayitinsign,
kittyanydots, BeadedTail, SavageArtworks,
elizabethruffing, chicadolly, MichelleVielle,
TaraFlyPhoto, LolaLynn, AubreyMade,
and TwoStrayCats


Feeding Stray Cats

My name is Slick!

I'm a stray tom cat,

and the garbage heap along these three houses

(one of which is Aubrey's,

who by the way gave me my infamous name),

is my territory !

Barn Cat ACEO

by thebluewindmill

Being a stray is not an easy life for a cat. We may be instinctive but who likes to dash under cars or inside a trash can when rain comes? It isn't fun either when fleas are crawling all over my poor body during summer. The hard part is looking for food. I'm not choosy, but who likes to eat junk? I don't! We have pride you know, but we all do what we have to do, even eating junk in order to survive.

Cat Burglar Postcard

by TwoStrayCats

There are lots of reasons why I appeal to all of you out there not to forget us. We strays help in many ways.

Do you ever wonder why you don't have any mice or snakes getting inside your house? … Yup! That's because we patrol your area for these unwanted rodents. We try to catch pigeons and cockroaches too, but man, don't they fly quickly!

We are territorial animals. We can't have so many stray cats lurking in our area. It would be bad for our reputation, so I tell them to find their own corner, then your place doesn't get populated with us, God forbid!

Last but not the least, we are loyal followers. We love, we care.

I've only mentioned three reasons but there are lots more and we dare you to find it out.

Orphaned Kittens Print

by TaraFlyPhoto

Aubrey's supposed to bring food around this time….

I Wonder….

Oh! There she is!

Goodbye folks!

It's lunchtime!


  1. Looks great! ;0) Love the stray kitty write up, and it was so fun looking thru EFA kitty inspired goodies!

  2. Beautiful sentiment behind this gift guide & lovely items featured too.

  3. Awww...poor kitty. Wishing you a home for the New Year. You are lucky to have Aubrey there for you!

    Love Heather's painting!


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